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    Quincy Eye Doctor Explains Why Our Eyesight Get Worse

    They say that the only constant in this world is change. And that is also true with our eyesight. Just as our physical strength decreases as time goes by, especially as we grow older, so does our vision. But there are other factors that can contribute to the decline of our vision. We compiled a number of reasons why our vision gets worse.


    According to best eye doctor Quincy IL, beginning at the age of 40, many adults start to have vision problems; they notice that it’s more difficult to focus on objects at close up, especially seeing at close distances. This condition is called presbyopia. It is the normal but annoying gradual loss of our eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects. The obvious sign of this condition is when you have the tendency to hold the material you are reading farther away from you to make it readable. As the person continues to age through 50’s and beyond, this condition will become more and more advanced. This condition can be corrected with prescription eyeglasses.

    Injury or trauma to the eye

    Eye trauma or injury refers to a direct blow to the eye. It may also include the tissue and the bone structure around the eye. Depending on the severity of the incident, it can or may result to temporary or permanent loss. Some of the common eye injuries are scratched eye or corneal abrasion and chemical burn. Scratched eye or corneal abrasion happens when something scratched your eye’s surface or when you rubbed your eye or when sand, dust or foreign object is present. Deep scratches can cause long term vision problems. Chemical burns are when chemicals enter your eyes. Soap, shampoo or even your makeup can get into your eyes but certain chemicals can cause severe damage, such as drain cleaners, acids, alkalis, and liquid fertilizers. The best way to avoid eye injury is to prevent it by using eyewear that can protect your eyes while doing things that may put them at risk.

    Poor nutrition

    A healthy intake of foods good for your eyes can maintain your eye health. So eating unhealthy foods can affect your eyesight, too. There is evidence that a healthy diet can prevent different eye conditions and poor nutrition can worsen our eyesight in the long run. For example, a balanced diet helps avoid the complications of being overweight. Being overweight in turn, can affect your eyesight. Conditions such as retinal vessel occlusions, diabetic eye problems, and stroke related eye problems can be avoided by having a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C and E, Phytochemical, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Zinc can promote eye health.

    Final Words

    While it is true that we cannot escape aging and the consequences to our eyes related to the aging process, there are certain steps we can make to slow the worsening effects of certain factors to our vision. We can use prescription eyeglasses against presbyopia, wear protective eyewear to avoid eye injury or trauma and eat balanced and healthy foods to keep our vision keen and sharp.

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