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    Quit Smoking for Good by Using these Starter Vape Kits

    If you have been dabbling in the vape market but haven’t taken the commitment yet, it is time to ask yourself why?  Smoking is a costly and Deadly habit that can be thwarted through vaping.  Understandably, the world of vaping is a vast.  If you are wanting to get right to the chase and pick out some of the best vapes, look no further.

    Innokin Endura T20

    The Endura is specifically designed for smokers coming over into the vaping world.  Most of  the bigger mods have odd mouth pieces and draws that can be awkward for the newbie.  This pen vape starts you off in familiar territory by giving you as close to a cigarette feel as possible.  The tank for this is only 2 ml, so you may have to fill it up more often.  This mod is a super simple pick up and go type vape.  It would work perfectly with space jam ejuice.

    Smok Mag Baby

    Smok is one of the largest names in the industry.  They have come together to create the Mag Baby which has a wonderful ergonomic design as well as the functionality you want in a vape.  Not only does it perform amongst the top vapes, it is sleek and stylish.  The Mag Baby provides temperature and watt control as well.  The best part is the simple one button click system to make vaping a snap.

    Pax Juul

    It is hard to go anywhere without seeing the Juul system.  Most convenient stores will carry the flavors and Juul system.  This system is by far one of the easiest to use.  Simply put the cartridge in and draw through. When done, switch cartridges and toss the old one.  The downfall to this system is that you will need to buy new cartridges each time and there are few choices for flavors. Other than that, this system is essentially pick up and play.

    Innokin Proton Plex

    If you are tired of the vape pens and ready to jump headfirst into vape mods, the Proton Plex is for you.  This vape mod is reliable, sleek and has a high-power output for the size.  This mod allows you to control the temp through a digital display on the side.  The best part is the squeeze trigger firing bar that makes it super easy to vape.  This mod may not be for the complete novice, but if you are looking into new options and branching out, give it a try.

    Joyetech eGo AIO D22 XL

    Joyetech has created a simple pen setup that rivals the Juul as far as ease of use.  The benefit to this pen mod is that you can choose your flavor and have a much higher variety.  The parts are easily accessible by unscrewing the lid to change coils, filters, and add liquid.  The other benefit to this system is the cost of getting started is amongst the lowest on this list.  If you are not sure if vaping is for you, the eGo gives you the chance to try vaping without investing too heavily.

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