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    Riga – The Baltic Capital of Pleasure

    The capital city of Latvia serves as a great opportunity for unforgettable Riga stag do weekend. This is a proud city with more than 800 Art Nouveau masterpieces and largest Baltic fun center. Up against the Daugava River, the Baltic Sea cuddles the shores that hide high-rise buildings and tiled picturesque roofs. Just as Vikings use to invade its coast be prepared to storm the shores of Latvia for unbelievable party moments.

    For centuries this city remained hidden from most eyes of the western world. Today Latvian capital attracts anyone willing to come for Riga stag do weekend or simply enjoy the time spent there learning and tasting the delicious traditional food. This city is not called “The Paris of the North” for no reason. In a unique combination of a western touch of architecture and eastern hospitality, this city painted the picture of vacation paradise. With less than one million residents this European capital doesn’t lack anything that a modern metropolis have. But, its compact size and amazing city infrastructure will give you chance to enjoy everything it has to offer in less time than in many other European counterparts.

    For starters that are meeting the soul of this city for the first time, we suggest you start your journey from the Vecriga. It is the old part of Riga that has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for a long time, along with the Art Nouveau Quarter.

    After a long walk through Latvian history take a seat in some of those beautiful cafes that overlook the picturesque image of this Baltic paradise.

    Consolidate the plan for the rest of your day with your bachelor crew since there are many exciting options and so little time to do them all. You can have a couple of drinks and then head for a game of bubble football that will make your pals cry with laughter. If you want to try some of that fun on wheels then we suggest racing in Go-Karts or Quad bikes in Rigas rural surroundings. It is going to be an exciting experience and a couple of beers is surely going to make it only funnier. If you perhaps prefer to have fun while shooting then shooting ranges with live ammunition and a huge variety of long guns are there for your bachelor crew. Paintball and Airsoft matches are also fun attraction just like in any major European city.

    Baltic nations are known for their love for Saunas, but your Sauna experience during the day can be slightly more lusty with a hired personal stripper. She will make you a great company while pouring drinks for your pals before the main part of your Riga stag do adventure. And that will most certainly be the time that night falls on Riga streets and the sound of unstoppable party fever start to tremble its the Art Nouveau covered streets. From that moment the options to enjoy your stay are getting doubled and choosing the right option can be really challenging.

    Riga is arguably the most flourishing party hub in Eastern Europe. As we mentioned earlier its compact size serve as a great chance for club surfing between various musical genres and interior styles. But be not mistaken, its tightly packed party hub attracts thousands of visitors each week and reserving your place there on time can be the wisest thing to do on your Riga stag do adventure. Booking your VIP booth in some of them will be both comfortable as well as unforgettable experience for your pals to overlook the Riga party euphoria in style. You can arrive there with fancy hummer limo in the company of sexy strippers or hilarious hired dwarf that is going to make all of you laugh as well as be your personal servant. The fun and sexy opportunities on your bachelor adventure here are virtually endless.

    Rigas party hub is filled with electro-dance events that most of the beautiful Latvian ladies attend every weekend. Latvia is famously known as the country that gave Europe more female models per capita than any other place. That can give you a good idea who you are about to meet there for some of that naughty fun. They are very polite in nature, easy-going, and from the first sight, you will be the slave of their stunning beauty. Many years after your Riga stag do weekend you will still remember the time you spent your “last days of freedom” while awaiting the sun to arrive after a long night of partying. It’s no wonder that so many people who visited this place for such occasion return many years later with their families. Just to show them the beautiful sights they witnessed while keeping secrets of all the forbidden pleasures they had a chance to taste and never forgive…

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