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    Road Tripping With Friends: Do’s and Don’ts

    Road trips are classic. They’re spontaneous, improvisational and scenic. Hopping in a car and just driving is a great way to experience the towns and back roads that aren’t on the tourist brochures or near a bustling airport. Road trips can also be an excellent – and surprisingly cheap and easy way to travel with friends, but it’s important to take some steps in order to minimize stress and to ensure that everyone has a good time. Making sure to set yourselves up for success is key to maximizing the fun.

    Do take care of the logistics

    One sure fire way to have a bad time on a road trip is to go in totally unprepared, especially if there are different comfort levels between a friendship group. A few simple steps however, can go a long way. Of utmost importance is having a safe and reliable car. Nobody wants to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, or end up sleeping cold on the side of the road. Taking even just a day before the trip to do basic maintenance and check son the car, as well as some pre-trip route and destination planning is worth it. Likewise it’s important to have good car insurance so that in case an accident happens, you and your friends are covered and won’t ruin a good trip.

    Don’t take up too much space

    Considering you’re about to be intimate, very intimate, with your friends as you drive cross county, it will really help to pay attention to how much physical and social space you’re taking up. Cramped quarters and long hours on the road are a recipe for arguments, so do what you can to avoid them. Don’t let your stuff sprawl out, try to keep your personal belongings and your feet within your designated space. Don’t dominate the conversations,decision making, or playlist selection. Letting the group decide how each day will feel will go a long way to making each passenger happy and keep everyone feeling adventurous.

    Bringing it all back home Taking just a few steps to prepare for a trip,and being conscious of group dynamics and resources while you’re travelling will go a long way towards having a blast. Once everything is set up well you can focus on the real point of travelling: having fun. And there’s nothing more fun than driving down a long two lane highway with your friends.

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