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    Safety Tips for Every Runner

    A lot can go wrong when you are jogging. To keep yourself safe, you can either stop jogging, use the gym’s treadmill, take self-defense classes, or run with a friend. But apart from these safety tips, how else can you keep yourself safe during your favorite workout? It’s frightening to hear of other people’s attacks, but you shouldn’t give up outdoor running. These basic practices will keep you safe and protect you from potential assailants.

    #1. Look confident

    You can feel a little scared on the road, but even when that’s the case, fake feeling secure. Looking scared makes you vulnerable and more susceptible to attacks. When running, keep a strong posture by maintaining proper form, make eye contact with people you pass, and avoid keeping your head down. Looking people in the eye will let the attacker know you can identify them, which puts them off.

    #2. Tell someone the route you are taking

    Joining a group of runners is not always an option, and sometimes, your friend will be unavailable to jog with you. Even in such cases, make sure you tell someone the route you are taking. If anything happens, they can track you and come to your aid. You might get attacked by a dog, for example, and need someone to rush or meet you at the hospital. You will also need someone to inform the Phoenix Dog Bite Lawyers about your injury so they can get started on your case and settlement. Dog attacks can result in devastating injuries and fatalities, but you can hold the dog’s owner liable, so your loss is covered.

    #3. Don’t run with headphones

    Music is a great companion in any situation, but for your safety’s sake, unplug when running outdoor. You need to be aware of your surroundings, and relying on all your senses is the best way to do it. Your ears may help you where your eyes miss. For instance, someone might hoot or shout to warn you of impending danger. If you have your headphones on, you will miss the warning and jog to your doom. Hearing what’s happening around you keeps you alert, so you react quickly. You also don’t want to appear distracted and thus an easy target, so save your headphones for the gym.

    #4. Always face traffic

    Are you fond of running on the road? Run facing traffic. If a car was to lose control, or a drank driver sleeps on the wheel, you are better equipped to react swiftly if you can see the vehicle. Whenever you can, run on the sidewalk to minimize the risk of being hit by a car, and be extra cautious at intersections, especially if the vehicles are turning into the street. The driver may not see you, which puts you at risk. Also, obey traffic rules and be ready to jump out of the way or stop if need be.

    Running is excellent for your health, but you want to be safe when you go out jogging. These tips should help you remain safe as you enjoy your outdoor run.

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