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    Seeker 4 Mini White Light and UV Flashlight

    Seeker 4 Mini is a versatile flashlight that offers a range of features designed to cater to various applications. It features two light sources: white light and UV light. This allows it to be used in a diverse range of activities such as climbing, camping, repair work, and power outages. Additionally, UV light is useful for fluorescent agent detection, stain identification, hotel cleanliness inspection, and even ringworm detection.

    One of the standout characteristics of the Seeker 4 Mini is its compact size. With a length of only 3.43 inches and a two-way clip, it is incredibly portable and can be easily carried anywhere. It conveniently fits in the palm of your hand, making it ideal for on-the-go use.

    The flashlight incorporates a premium metal side switch that is not only durable but also features a battery level indicator in its center. This indicator allows you to quickly and easily check the remaining power with just a single glance. It ensures that you are always aware of the flashlight’s battery status, so you can plan your activities accordingly.

    FEATURES Of Seeker 4 Mini

    Two Light Sources:

    The Seeker 4 mini is a versatile flashlight with white and UV light that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you are climbing mountains, camping in the wilderness, or just need a reliable source of light during power outages, this flashlight has got you covered. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to carry around and use in any situation.

    One of the key features of the Seeker 4 mini flashlight is its powerful LED bulb that provides bright and consistent illumination. This makes it an ideal tool for outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, or climbing where visibility is crucial. The flashlight also comes with multiple modes including high, medium, low, and strobe which can be adjusted according to your needs.

    In addition to its outdoor capabilities, the Seeker 4 mini can also be used in other applications such as emergency situations or maintenance work.

    Mini and Portable:

    The Seeker 4 mini is a remarkable piece of technology that has taken the world by storm. With a length of merely 3.43 inches, it is one of the smallest and most compact devices available on the market today. Despite its small size, this device has significant features that make it an excellent fit for outdoor activities.

    One of its standout features is its two-way clip design which makes it effortless to carry around wherever you go. You can easily attach it to your clothes or backpack without any hassle. Furthermore, with its compact size, it conveniently fits in the palm of your hand allowing you to take pictures or record videos quickly and discreetly.

    Whether you are going on a hike or just exploring new places around town, the Seeker 4 mini is perfect for capturing all your adventures. It boasts an impressive battery life and high-quality camera resolution ensuring that you never miss a moment.

    Premium Metal Side Switch:

    The Seeker 4 mini is a powerful and reliable flashlight that boasts an impressive set of features. One of its most notable attributes is the high-end side switch, which has been designed to endure even the toughest conditions. The switch is made from top-quality materials and incorporates advanced technology that ensures it can withstand drops, impact, and water damage.

    In addition to its durability, the side switch on the Seeker 4 mini also includes a battery level indicator in the center. This feature allows you to easily check how much power remains in your flashlight at any given time. The indicator uses different colors to show you when your battery is low or when it’s fully charged, so you’ll always know if it’s time for a recharge before heading out into the dark.

    Overall, the Seeker 4 mini is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable and durable flashlight with exceptional battery life.

    Non-slip Body:

    The Seeker 4 mini is a non-slip body that features an ergonomically designed curved body, which provides the user with a comfortable grip. The device is made from high-quality materials that ensure it is not only durable but also lightweight and easy to carry around.

    The Seeker 4 mini is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and sturdy flashlight that can withstand harsh weather conditions or rough handling. The non-slip body ensures that the device doesn’t slip out of one’s hands while in use, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or hunting.

    Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the Seeker 4 mini makes it easy to hold for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort such as cramps or muscle strains. This feature makes it ideal for first responders who need to have their flashlights on standby at all times.

    Magnetic Charging:

    Magnetic charging technology is revolutionizing the way we recharge our electronic devices. With the Seeker 4 mini flashlight, you can now fully charge your device in just 1.5 hours by simply snapping it onto the magnetic charger. This highly-efficient and hassle-free charging method has made the Seeker 4 mini one of the most popular flashlights on the market.

    The magnetic charger ensures that your flashlight stays securely attached while charging, eliminating any risk of it falling off or getting disconnected mid-charge. The Seeker 4 mini’s magnetic charging system makes it incredibly easy to recharge your flashlight whenever and wherever you need it.

    Not only is magnetic charging more convenient than traditional methods, but it’s also more efficient.

    Dual Color Temperature Options:

    The Seeker 4 mini is a versatile flashlight that offers dual color temperature options in its black and OD green models. This feature allows you to choose between cool white (CW) and neutral white (NW) colors, making it easier to find the appropriate hue for any given situation.

    The CW option provides a bright, bluish-white light that is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or camping. It illuminates dark paths with ease, helping you navigate through rugged terrain safely. The NW option, on the other hand, emits a warmer light that is more suitable for indoor use. It provides a softer glow that does not strain your eyes but still offers enough brightness to see clearly in dim environments.

    With both CW and NW options available, the Seeker 4 mini can be used in various settings such as emergency situations where time is of the essence or even just everyday tasks where quality lighting is needed.

    Sturdy Build:

    The Seeker 4 Mini is the perfect companion for those who love adventure and spending time in challenging environments. This flashlight boasts an IPX8 waterproof rating, which means it can be submerged in water up to a depth of 2 meters without any damage. So whether you are going on a camping trip or kayaking down a river, the Seeker 4 Mini will always be ready for action.

    Not only is this flashlight waterproof, but it also has an impact resistance of up to 1.5 meters, making it durable enough to withstand accidental drops or bumps during your outdoor adventures. The Seeker 4 Mini has been designed with tough materials that ensure its longevity and reliability even when used in harsh conditions. It’s the ideal tool for hikers, campers, fishermen, or hunters who need a reliable light source.


    The Seeker 4 Mini flashlight with its UV light functionality is a powerful and versatile tool that offers numerous benefits. The inclusion of UV light expands its utility beyond regular lighting needs, allowing for tasks such as fluorescent agent detection, stain identification, hotel cleanliness inspection, and even ringworm detection. This feature makes the Seeker 4 Mini a valuable tool for professionals in various fields, as well as for everyday users seeking additional functionality.

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