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    Setting Up a Home Gym? Here’s What You Need

    You need machines that pack as many workouts as possible. After all, if you’re setting a home gym up, you likely lack space. You probably have a room for 4 (maybe 6) machines at most. So you need to pick your machines wisely. And we’ll help you with that.

    We’ll do so by mentioning an “avoids” list first. From there, we’ll add in tips on setting up a good gym!

    First – The Avoid “List.”

    Don’t add in any cardio machines. And by that, we mean avoid treadmills.

    You can just run outside. Put on some running shoes, warm up, stretch, then go for a run.

    And if you want to get creative, you can mix in some HIT routines.

    So save your gym space for strength training. Anything else can be done without wasting precious space.

    No Specialized Machines

    If a machine trains a certain muscle group (and usually has cables), avoid it.

    Why? Because with limited space, you need machines that do more than 1 workout.

    Those will be simpler in design. As a result, they take up less space. And if possible, you can use them for other creative workouts!

    An Example of What to Avoid

    How about a leg press machine?

    It’s an exercise that does only one job – being leg presses.

    Beyond that, it doesn’t do much. And it takes up much space too, since you’re extending horizontally when using it.

    But as an alternative, you get a vertical leg press. And those are slightly harder, since gravity works stronger.

    A vertical leg press machine is basically a post with weights attached from top. And you push it with your leg from there…

    It’s actually a variation of the “Smiths Machine.” And speaking of those…

    Second – What to Get

    Smith Machines are a must.

    They let you do many exercises. All you have to do is position yourself correctly under the weight bar, and you’re set.

    You can even use it for bodyweight exercises, like pull-ups.

    It’s a versatile machine. And it’ll cut down the budget needed to make a home gym!

    Keep it Free Weight

    Obviously, any gym needs a weight rack. And you need multiple weights too.

    So beyond a smith’s machine, stick to free weights only. Don’t go overboard and buy something specialized.

    Mirrors – They’re a Must

    Know what’s important when lifting? Paying attention to your posture and technique.

    And you do so real-time too. You need to correct yourself as you lift, and this occurs with a mirror’s feedback.

    After all, there’s no trainer that’ll help you. It’s a home gym!

    But Aren’t Mirrors Breakable?

    Sure they are. And you need something durable and affordable.

    We want to emphasize the affordability part. You see, in a home gym, your mirrors will cover most of your walls.

    This lets you look at yourself from multiple angles. And you don’t have to move around much.

    It’s a measure that makes you your own coach at your gym!

    So What’s Affordable?

    Try acrylic.

    Acrylic is a thermoplastic with “glass-like” looks. Only difference is, it has much stronger properties. And, you can get sheets that are reflective!

    That’s right. Acrylic is sold in sheets that are thinner than glass panels. And on average, it costs you less!

    So you can install tons of it. And you’ll never worry about an acrylic mirror breaking.

    After all, it’s a thermoplastic…

    All that’s needed is design and dimension planning. You’ll need 1 (maybe 2 walls) for the mirrors.

    Be sure to map out your designs, and find a specialist to order them from!

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