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    All That Glitters: Shimmering Holiday Beauty Gift Ideas

    With the holidays around the corner, how is that naughty and nice list going? Do you know what you’re getting for friends and family this year? While there may be plenty of time to shop, we all know how it goes when you put off gift shopping until the last minute. Here are a few shiny ideas to help ensure you get all the gifts on the list for your loved ones:

    Makeup Subscription:

    For the ladies and gentlemen who love great makeup looks, there could be almost nothing better than a gift of a makeup subscription. A surprise bag with all kinds of great items, including lip glosses, great liner, and more? From Birch Box to Ipsy, there are a plethora of reasons to shop for a makeup subscription as a gift for your bestie. If you know their preferences, even better, so you can be sure that the first bag that arrives at their door has all the goodies that they could love.

    Skincare Products:

    For anyone who loves a good skincare product, a glimmering gift could be the gift of a great product. If you want to find multiple gifts for various friends, make sure to shop around for Black Friday skincare gifts so that all of your loved ones get the best holiday surprise possible. If you’re not quite sure what kind of skincare products your friends prefer, a gift card to Sephora or Ulta could be the ideal option to offer them the chance to pick out their gift themselves.

    Jewelry is often a winner:

    For that friend who is always wearing jewelry, think about how they could love something to adorn their beauty. From necklaces to earrings, you will discover that a lovely piece of jewelry can make the holidays for many people.

    Whether you buy something original on Etsy or shop at a local jeweler for a gift that won’t soon be forgotten, there are many different styles for every kind of person out there. You know your loved ones, so shop around for something that makes you think of them. If you have a sweetheart on your mind, did you know that engagement rings are often a popular gift this season?


    Stepping away from things to adorn or use on one’s body, we have another kind of gift that could be an excellent idea. If your loved one enjoys a glass of chardonnay every once in a while or appreciates a great whisky, think about how personalized glassware could make them feel like they’ve received the best gift around.

    This may be especially true for your friend who just moved and needs things for their kitchen. While it doesn’t have to do with glittery skincare or shiny beauty items, it’s still a great holiday gift that you can be sure will be appreciated.

    Perfume Collection:

    An excellent gift idea that can last for a long time is a gift of perfume. If you know the kinds of fragrances that your loved one appreciates, a gift set of different sizes can ensure they always smell good. Or, if you know that they love a specific brand, a set of different options allows them to have the variety they enjoy for various occasions.

    Much like with makeup subscriptions, you can also find a perfume subscription so that your loved one gets small yet classy fragrance options that they’ll never go without. It’s a gift that keeps giving and has your loved one choosing their favorite perfumes throughout the year.

    In Conclusion:

    For the friend or loved one who always likes to look, feel, and smell good, these options are always going to be a winner. Subscriptions or a one-time gift will still make your loved one happy, so take time to consider the best options for this holiday season so that you can share the joy of the holidays in the best way possible.

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