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    Showing Your Loved Ones That You Care

    Now is the time for expressing gratitude and appreciation for the special people who make you feel loved when you need them most. It could be said that now more than ever, people around the world are tenaciously maneuvering through the unpredictable avenues of everyday life. Feeling like you are recognized for your hard work and support can be the difference between a bad day and a day full of hope and positivity.

    Taking the time to show your loved ones that you care can be a fantastic way to nourish a multitude of aspects in regards to mental health and wellbeing, for both you and others. An expression of gratitude can provide people with the motivation they need to continue persevering when everything starts to appear overwhelming.

    If you feel like you have received emotional support throughout the recent pandemic, or you would very much like to thank the individuals that keep society sustained on a daily basis, here are some points to consider when giving something back to the people that make it all possible.

    Striving to Stay Connected

    When the restrictions and physical limitations begin to take their toll, it is incredibly important to stay connected however you can in order to offer support and visibility to your loved ones. As a large number of people are reporting feelings of loneliness, doing your part to help alleviate feelings of isolation by regular catch ups and phone calls can go a long way towards expressing your care. You might want to do this by:

    Organizing a family meeting : Getting together and sharing a video call with your family is a great way of bringing everyone together when otherwise it may not be possible. Even though it is not the same as meeting in person, it is important to appreciate the occasion for what it is, and showing people that you recognize their circumstances can help you to connect with them on a more personal level.

    Throwing a virtual party : For those of you who miss attending parties with your friends, or hosting evenings of culinary excellence for your family, throwing an amazing virtual party can show people that you appreciate their company and that you will strive to connect safely in the face of restrictions. Sending personalized invites can give people something to look forward to if they are feeling as though their calendar is starting to look a little barren.

    Reaching out : One of the joys of social media is certainly the ability to reach out to people who you may not see very often anymore. Going out of your way to send a message to an old school friend or a work colleague can be a superb way to lift someone’s spirits with a kind message, even if it happens to be out of the blue.

    Using Social Media to Publicly Praise Hard Work

    The pros and cons of social media have long been a polarizing topic, but even so, millions of people interact with digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. Spending some time to construct a post expressing your appreciation for someone who has supported you can be a fantastic method of showing them you care.

    This can also be a great way of helping businesses whom you have relied on when the going gets tough, as this will in turn provide them with exposure. The same can be said of many industries around the world who might be struggling to ensure that the everyday needs of society are met in a way that allows people’s wellbeing to flourish.

    Posting your appreciation and saying thanks to nurses who work relentlessly can go a long way to brightening somebody’s day. Your post might reach a healthcare professional who needs that extra boost at the end of a challenging week, lifting their spirits when they feel like they have gone unnoticed.

    Placing Yourself in Their Shoes

    You might find it somewhat enlightening to ask yourself the question, “What would I appreciate in their situation?” This can be a good technique for empathizing with someone else’s circumstances and may help you to decide how you would like to be treated.

    You might discover that in doing this, you can start to strengthen your connection with people and see a positive trajectory in terms of your personal development.

    Giving a Gift

    Even though it is likely that high street shopping is currently beyond the realms of possibility, there are many online retailers and gift ideas that can supply you with the chance to send a present to someone. There does not necessarily have to be a reason, the gesture can often be perfect for simply letting people know you are thinking of them. Perhaps you might want to consider:

    Getting a bouquet of flowers delivered : Finding a local florist who is willing to deliver flowers is a wonderful and tried and true method of expressing your thanks for somebody. Flowers have the potential to brighten up someone’s day, especially if they are caught up in the rush of everyday life.

    Writing them a story : You may want to decide to get those creative thoughts flowing, writing someone a story is a good way to show them you take the time to consider how they might be doing, you might even want to start a joint story-writing project that you can both be a part of.

    Investing in a luxury food hamper : Sending your loved ones a luxury hamper full of edible goodness can be a great idea for the foodies in your life. Since restaurants close by might have had to close their doors temporarily, luxury food at home might be the next best thing.

    Dealing with Stress, Together

    One of the best advantages that comes with regularly expressing your warmth and gratitude for those you love, is arguably that it brings you closer together. Developing and nurturing a healthy support network between one another can strengthen your resolve to tackle problems and hopefully, talk through your problems and deal with any possible stress, together.

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