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    Six Ways to Enhance Your Workout When You’re Short on Time

    Does it feel like your workout has reached a plateau as of late? Do you feel as though you’re really not getting the kind of results you’re after, or that you used to be enjoying? While the simple solution would be to work out more days in the week, and for longer periods at a time, this just isn’t always realistic. In today’s busy day and age, most people barely have time to fit in a short workout, never mind an extended one.

    So, how can you enhance your workout and boost your results when you’re short on time? Here are five tips that can certainly help you out.

    #1. Give HIIT Training a Try

    One place to start is with HIIT training and workouts. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, which consists of a number of different high-intensity moves done in intervals. The idea is that you push your body really hard, with high-intensity cardio for 20 to 90 seconds at a time. You then need to take a short rest, and then do the next high-intensity cardio exercise.

    The idea behind this kind of workout is that you are giving it your all for a short period of time, so the workout itself doesn’t need to take a long time.

    #2. Try Switching Up the Time of Day

    Another tip is to change up what time of day you are doing your workout. It’s very common for people to work out right after work, or even in the evening after dinner. While you can still get great results, it is the early morning that provides the most health benefits.

    When you work out first thing in the morning, your body is fresh, awake, and not yet fatigued from the full day. This means you’re able to give more to your workout. Not only that, but it helps to reduce stress so you go into your day in a more positive manner.

    #3. Throw Resistance into the Mix

    Another tip is to use resistance in your workout routine. Resistance automatically makes any activity harder, which means you’ll be working the muscles that much more. It doesn’t take any extra time either.

    #4. Try Out a Sauna Vest

    Here’s a really simple solution that doesn’t require any extra time or new exercises. A sauna vest or suit could be exactly what you need to enhance your workout in a stress-free and simple way. These vests and suits are made of fabric that will encourage your body to sweat more, which can lead to weight loss over time. Sauna vests and suits can give you the perfect opportunity to supercharge your workout. The vests are available in men’s and women’s sizing, and range in style and type.

    #5. Take Away Distractions

    It may be that you are doing all the right moves and exercises, but you just aren’t doing them to their fullest. Sometimes distractions play into your workout and can really mess with the results. If you find yourself watching TV, talking, or even listening to music while you work out, try removing these distractions for a few days and just focus on each exercise. Do you see a difference? Do you feel like you are working harder and more intensely? If so, then it may be useful to continue on without distractions.

    #6. Enjoy Enhanced Results

    By using these simple tips that won’t take any extra time to apply, you’ll find that you’ll be able to enhance the results of your workout. Be sure to play around with all the tips as often it’s not a matter of just picking one, but using a combination of these tricks to enhance your results.

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