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    Best Small Dogs Mixed Breeds for Active Owners

    If you’re considering adding a friend to your household that can keep up with your active lifestyle, you aren’t alone. Canines make great companions for a variety of activities. Whether you like hiking every chance you get or walking around the neighborhood every evening, having a furry companion by your side can make these times even more enjoyable.

    But, if you want a pooch you can pick and go with, you may be concerned that you’ll have to choose a larger breed to keep up with your pace. The good news is several smaller mixed breeds have the playfulness and energy to keep you company.

    Check out these adorably and Small Dogs Mixed Breeds that are eager to join you on your next adventure:


    Our first pick is the Cuban Havanese which shares ancestry with Bichon Frise and Maltese breeds. These little cutie pies can weigh between 7 to 15 pounds and make up for their smaller stature with love for play.

    If you find Havense puppies for sale, you’ll instantly fall in love with this vivacious dog breed known for adoring its family. You’ll enjoy their sociability, cheerful demeanor, and natural intelligence, which makes them a breeze to train.  


    If you love the look of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and the energy of Poodles but want these traits in a compact-sized fur baby, look no further than the Cavoodle. This canine features an adventurous spirit that has the energy to match. They make great company at home or while out and about in a park.


    Another breed that features the energy and smarts of Poodles with the lovable look of a Cocker Spaniel is the Cockapoo. These dogs come in a variety of sizes, including as a toy. This makes them a miniature ball of fun you easily take along on trips and short jaunts around the block. 


    Another Poodle mix that resulted in an energetic, fun-loving pooch is the Shih-poo. This dog breed has the laid-back and loving nature of a Shih Tzu paired with the athleticism and intelligence of a Poodle. They will brighten your afternoon romps at the park and be glad to snuggle up for some deserved cuddle time.


    The name alone is fun to say, but when you meet this fantastic pup, it’s hard not instantly to take one home. These dogs are crossbred between Beagles and Pugs. This mix resulted in a canine that loves to be busy but never so much that it won’t stop for some attention. Puggles are loyal pets to have around the house and require moderate exercise.


    A breed featuring a strong prey drive and sassy attitude is the Chiweenie. These sweet dogs feature short, sleek coats, which make them great for outdoor activities. Plan on walking and playing throughout the day to keep these little pooches content. They need stimulation which is great for families that like to play.


    Another mixed breed with Poo in its name is a tell-tale sign of how much it loves to be on the go and socialize. The Yorkiepoo is an interesting smaller dog that is lightweight despite its Poodle heritage. Its Yorkshire Terrier genes lend to its playfulness, while its love of stimulating games and exercise is a nod to the intelligence of the Poodle. These canines make great dogs for larger families because they love the attention and extra playtime.


    Small mixed-breed dogs often have a lot of energy to burn, and the Cavachon is no exception. This trait is probably the result of its parents–the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. Because they are always ready for a chance to go on an adventure, they enjoy homes full of excitement and opportunities to play.


    You’ll find the perfect blend of cuteness and play with the Cheagle. This dog inherited all the best traits from its Chihuahua and Beagle parents. These canines are always showering their owners with affection and are famous for their good-natured temperament. So whether you feel like staying in for the night or going on a weekend camping trip, these little guys are the best companion to bring along.


    With a brilliant combination of feistiness, adoration, and a double dose of energy, the Morkie is an interesting crossbred pooch. Its Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier parents have fun bags of tricks up their sleeves and are known to be attention-seeking dogs. This heritage passes down to the Morkie, giving its owners an endearing pup with a unique personality. 

    Active Dogs Can Come in Small Packages

    With all the options available for smaller-sized dogs that love active homes, the hardest decision you now face is choosing which one to bring home! First, consider the types of activities you enjoy the most and try to choose a breed that will share your enjoyment. For example, you would prefer a puppy sporting a short-haired coat that doesn’t collect burs and leaves when you go for a hike.

    These simple considerations can help you narrow down your options and ensure you find the best companion for your active lifestyle.

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