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    St. Louis Eye Care Provider Share 2019 Eyeglass Trends

    Spectacles, eyeglasses, bifocals, trifocals, goggles, field glasses, sunglasses- whatever we call them, we just love them. Some people say there’s no other accessory that can change the way your look than a pair of eyeglasses. However, it does not mean that you can choose whatever style you want. You should choose a pair that can enhance your facial features, matches with your personality, and reflects your style. Speaking of style, this St. Louis eye care provider shares the latest styles of eyeglasses you can choose from.

    #1. Cat-eye Glasses

    Cat-eye glasses are one of the most popular eyeglasses available in the market. It rose to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. Actresses and fashion icons in the name of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are among the ones who favourite this eyeglasses.  This stylish frame is ideal for people with oval and diamond faces because of its balanced proportions. They say that this eyewear can literally make you look younger. If you have fair complexion, then a darker cat-eyeglass will be better for you. The opposite is true to those with darker complexions. Many people like this eyewear because they can elongate your face and emphasize your cheekbones.

    #2. Round Eyeglasses

    This fashion frame is having a major comeback. These trendy glasses can bestow a cool intellectual look that suits men and women alike. Before, this is the ultimate eyewear for nerdy and geeks worldwide, but this isn’t the case anymore. Also, if you choose round glasses with dark frame, then you should keep your make-up to a minimum, have a simple hairstyle and avoid bright colored lipstick. Ladies with round shape face should avoid round glasses. This eyewear is ideal to people with square shaped face since it add contrast to strong facial features.

    #3. Aviator Eyeglasses

    When it comes to eyewear, few styles are more captivating and more popular than the aviator eyeglasses. It is a timeless favorite of everyone. They are called aviator, from the name itself, since this shape of eyewear were worn by pilots during World War I. Actually, pilots wear this eyeglasses not as a fashion statement but as a medical necessity. As they landed, many complained because of the effects of the sun when they are in the sky. This eyewear will work on faces with oval, square or hear-shaped. Some of the tips when wearing this eyewear are: don’t wear them at night or indoors. Avoid piling too many jewelry or accessories. Don’t talk to someone wearing this, since most of aviators are reflective so removing them makes you a good gentleman.

    #4. Oversized Eyeglasses

    “Bigger is better” is the new trend nowadays, especially when it comes to eyewear. Oversized eyeglasses have been fashion statements over the years. It started in the 1960s and revolutionized fashion trends in those days and even until now. Who can wear oversized eyeglasses? The answer is everyone! The secret is finding the right frames for you so you will look good at them not that you are drowning by the size. There is simple rule of thumb when choosing this eyewear, it is called “The Smile Test.” If your cheek touches the lenses when you smile, then that is not the best fit for you.

    Those unnecessary pressures can cause red marks to your nose bridge and temple area. Choose a frame that you are comfortable with, if the arms of the glasses don’t rest comfortably in your ears, maybe they are too small. You should also choose oversized glasses that contrast with the shape of your face.

    Have you decided what eyeglasses work best for you? This 2019, you can try something new with your eyeglasses. Remember, eyeglasses change how you see the world and changes how the world sees you.

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