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    Street Culture of 21 Century | Graffiti

    A true art form of just vandalism? Graffiti has never been something most people accepted. It has usually divided the option down the middle either you love it or just plainly hate everything about it. But we here consider it to be a fine form of art, something similar to calligraphy and typography. But there is more to graffiti than just what meets the eye.

    The majority of people consider it to be the product of our modern, decadent times. But that isn’t true. Graffiti’s have been around for a couple of thousand years. In general, graffiti’s are writing on the wall, with some sort of message, done with or without the yes of the owner of the wall.

    Graffiti Origins :

    The origins of graffiti can be found in ancient times. All throughout the Ancient Rome and Greece, but mainly Athens, there were numerous writings on the wall. Both of these ancient countries deemed such acts as vandalism, and the perpetrators were severely punished. One of the most known graffiti from those times is Christian inscription on the various Roman catacombs. They were used as guides for the believers, when they were looking to perform a mass in secrecy, hunted for their lives by the Roman authorities.

    But the real boom in graffiti’s started in the middle of the last century. It was during the 1960s to be more precise that the artsy revolution began. With the arrival of aerosol spray paints, graffiti’s could be done much faster. One of the first famous graffiti’s was done in the London subway, and it is called Clapton is God, referencing the famous English singer and guitar player Eric Clapton, famous for numerous hits, the most famous of them is Layla, a power ballad with one of the best guitar solos of all time. The graffiti is probably referencing Clapton’s godlike guitar playing on that song.

    But it took a few years until the emergence of hip hop for graffiti to really take the mainstream by storm. When one imagines graffiti in his mid today, they probably imagine something that was created or invented during that era. Various graffiti artists have risen to prominence during that time, including the Fab 5 Freddy and JaJaJa. They have created their own, distinguished Graffiti Fonts. One of the most famous examples of such a font is surely the opening credits to the world-famous tv show, the prince of Bel-Air.

    As one can see, the letters are big and bold. The various colors give off a certain psychedelic feel to the whole creation. There were some fonts in the past that had some similar thickness to their letters, but they were never so playful, never so curved in the way that they were connected than they are now with this or many other similar Graffiti fonts

    Later down the line, the graffiti culture keeps improving even more, and step by step, it turned into a true art form. What were once just scribbling’s on the walls of cities that have been sacked by the ambitions and always bloodthirsty Romans, were now full-fledged murals and works of art. there isn’t ayn big urban enter on the planet that hasn’t been blessed with an area of the town where there aren’t a few jaw-dropping examples of this new and exciting art form.

    Famous Artist :

    One of the most known graffiti artists is called Banksy, called because that isn’t his real name. Many graffiti artists use pen names and work undercover, for obvious reasons. Many still consider this art form to be just a form of vandalism, sure an act of vandalism that is nice to look at from certain angles, but vandalism nonetheless. Banksy has created many famous graffiti’s during his career. He is also one of the most enigmatic artists in history.

    Nobody knows his real name or identity, which is quite the feat in our age of non-stop picture and video taking. Some of his more famous works are a boy holding a submachine gun, a protestor who is about to throw rocks at the police and a sweet graffiti of a girl, done black and white reaching for her helium balloon, done in bright red.

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