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    Techno Savvy’s Top 10 Routine Practices for Eye Care

    The present generation is all about computers and electronic screens. Be it your mobile phone, PC, laptop or tablet, the exposure to the eyes has increased on a regular basis. It has been analyzed that people from workplace who are stuck to the computer are more prone to suffer from eye strain.

    Although this issue might not appear that serious, but can eventually turn into problems such as physical fatigue, reduced productivity and amplified work errors. Furthermore, issues like red eyes and eye twitching can develop over time, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. For techno savvy candidates, it is crucial to follow certain useful steps to lessen the risk of computer eye strain or several other symptoms like CVS. Some of the beneficial tips include:

    #1. Prefer Proper lighting

    Usually, eye strain is caused due to excessive bright light, be it from the outdoor sunlight peeping through a window or the tough interior lighting. Whenever you are using a computer, make sure the ambient lighting needs to be almost half as bright. If there is any sort of exterior lighting, try to eliminate it using drapes, blinds or shades.

    Furthermore, reduce interior lighting with the use of lesser light bulbs or luminous tubes. The use of lower intensity bulbs can even be preferred. It has been noticed that many computer users have reported improvement in eye health after they have resisted working under fluorescent lights placed overhead. Hence, whenever possible turn off any overhead fluorescent light at your workplace, and instead make use of floor lamps which deliver indirect incandescent lighting.

    #2. Display Upgrade

    There can always be an issue with your computer display which might be putting additional stress on your eyes. For example, swapping the old tube-style monitor with LCD display (common with laptop screens) is a sensible option.  Why? This is because LCD screens are known to be easier on your eyes and typically hold an anti-reflective surface. With outdated CRT screens, there can be situations when the images flicker, thereby causing eye strain.

    As per studies, problems due to flickering can become more frequent if the monitor refresh rate is lower than 75 hertz (Hz). People who are using a CRT screen in office, it is advisable to correct the display settings to the maximum refresh rate.

    Whenever selecting a new flat panel display, it is vital to select a screen that has the highest possible resolution. The relation of resolution and “dot pitch” of the display tends to impact the sharpness of the image. Normally, displays have a lower dot pitch deliver sharper images. Therefore, choose a display that has dot pitch of .28 mm or even smaller.

    In addition, computer users need to be aware of the fact that flicker issues with LCD screens are almost nil.  This is because the pixel brightness on the display gets controlled through a “backlight” which typically functions at 200 Hz.

    Several writers working at TopAssignmentExperts have made sure their eyes do not receive much beat, and have carefully upgraded to anti-reflective LCD screens. This was revealed through a survey that was conducted last year to spread awareness about workplace eye care.

    #3. Managing Computer Display Settings

    For dodging typical eye strain, basic adjustments with display settings of your system can prove effective in reducing eye fatigue. Below mentioned are the prime adjustments which can prove advantageous:

    Brightness: Make sure to always fix the brightness of the display in accordance to the brightness of the surrounding workstation. This balance is necessary to keep your eye muscles relaxed and not adapt or flicker in different light intensities.

    Color Temperature: You can call it a technical term which is primarily used to describe the band of visible light which is emitted through a color display. The blue light is visible light (short wavelength), which is primarily linked to eye strain as compared to longer wavelength tones like red and orange. Therefore, plummeting the color temperature of the screen helps to lower the quantity of blue light emitted through the display for receiving comfort with long-term viewing.

    Contrast & Text Size: Whenever you are reading or framing lengthy documents, do adjust the contrast and text size for additional comfort. Commonly, black print over a white background is termed as the best combination to receive comfort.

    #4. Blinking is Important

    Always remember the importance of blinking whenever you sit in front of the computer. Blinking helps to moisten the eyes thereby preventing irritation and dryness. It has been observed that people do not blink that often while working on a computer. The statistics reveal that only one-third of the tech-savvy population does abide by this practice.

    Tears covering the eye gets evaporated more quickly when non-blinking phases get extended. Moreover, the air in several offices tends to be dry that might increase the rate at which your tears get evaporated. People who are experiencing symptoms of dry eye, it is sensible to consult an eye doctor. One can even practice a simple exercise at office or whenever facing the computer screen to get rid of dry eyes. After every 20 minutes make sure to blink 10 times. Try to close your eyes slowly as if you are falling asleep. Quite recently, several employees working at renowned online writing companies like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp, ThanksForTheHelp and OnlineAssignmentWriting started an initiative to arrange eye health consultations at workplace. This program received high-end traction and got promoted on social media as well.

    #5. Hydration is a Must

    Human body needs water for operating a variety of functions. If your body isn’t getting sufficient fluid, it might reflect symptoms of mismanagement with several parts, including the eyes. Staying hydrated helps your eyes from not getting dry or irritated. Make sure that you consume a minimum of 2-3 liters of water.

    #6. Say No to Smoking

    For employees who are mostly stuck to computer screens and also smoke; this combination is totally not favorable. It must be known that smoking makes you susceptible to macular degeneration, which is age-related. Moreover, smoking also causes several alarming eye conditions like cataract. According to observations and studies, smoking also tends to weaken optic nerve that drops an adverse effect on vision as time passes.

    #7. Consumption of Balanced Diet

    Usually, people ignore the concept of healthy diet and its relation to the proper functioning of the human body. The intake of beta-carotene, Omega-3, Lutein, Lycopene, along with Vitamins C, A, and E, are marked essential for preserving your eye health. Therefore, make sure that the food you take comprises of items which consist the above mentioned nutrients in abundance. Last month, Rahul Sharma and Vidyut Satija from PaperDoers launched a Facebook trend which focused on balance diet and eye health. It received greater response from many corporate employees.

    #8. Safe Eye Make-Up

    For female employees, selection of eye-makeup can become an issue. Make sure to stay away from eye shadows, eyeliners and mascara, which can lead to an allergic reaction related to your eyes. Furthermore, be specific about the brands with which you are dealing. Never go for cheap eye makeup brands. At last, before going to bed do not forget to apply eye make-up remover. This helps in avoiding bacterial build-up through the make-up residues left over your eyes.

    #9. Sufficient Sleep

    A Human body needs rest to rejuvenate and replenish. So is the case for your eyes, which require enough sleep to function well once you are up. Plan out your routine in order to give ample time for sleeping. If you are having issues with sleeping properly, make use of an eye mask.

    #10. Clean Surrounding

    A cleaner surrounding controls a lot of issues with human eyes. Exposure to dust and dirt can lead to eye irritation. Therefore, make sure your computer and the surrounding workstation is always cleaned and well maintained.

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