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    How advanced technology has improved the cosmetic/plastic surgery industry

    There is a global rise in demand for cosmetic surgery. The market is projected to grow by $11.24 billion USD within a time period of only four years, between 2020-2024.

    The number of people choosing procedures is increasing worldwide. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) breast reduction had increased by 18% and chin augmentation by 20% in 2018. In 2018 the market for cosmetic surgery had reached a size of 50.67 billion USD. Today, procedures and state-of-the-art tools have improved, making surgeries a more popular choice.

    Research is dedicated to improving outcomes of surgery

    According to a Dallas plastic surgeon, The amount of research in the market is driven by the desire to improve the outcome of surgeries for people. New tools and products are being developed by prominent businesses in order to offer patients improved methods and make surgeries more appealing. A reduction of post-surgical interventions and undesired effects is the reason why large amounts of money are being invested in developing new and improved methods.

    Surgeries are not only chosen for cosmetic purposes but can also improve patient’s health and wellbeing. Rhinoplasty or nose surgeries can be used to assist with breathing difficulties and in some cases cancerous tissue can be removed from areas of the body.

    As the cometic surgery market is continuing to grow more individuals trust the procedures that are offered. While the number of unlicensed businesses continue to be a problem, the growing demand is allowing licensed and reliable companies to offer their services to customers and continuously improve their methods.

    What are the most popular and common procedures?

    More and more people are choosing cosmetic surgery procedures which means that there is a growing confidence in the industry. Men are becoming a more prominent customer base and are choosing surgeries such as liposuction, facelifts, botox injections and Eyelid surgery.

    Various technologies are used today to perform surgeries. The goal is to remove scars that can result from surgeries and improve areas such as microsurgery. Laser procedures are also becoming more advanced and research is meant to improve and take advantage of computer-assisted imaging as well as tissue engineering.

    Increased research in tools and surgeries has made procedures safer. Companies competing to offer the most advanced tools and surgeries has greatly benefitted the industry.

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