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    The 8 Most Unique Locations for your Destination Wedding

    If you recently got engaged and are now planning your Destination Wedding, you’re probably thinking of all the exciting places to pick for your nuptials. Choosing a Destination Wedding is a nerve-wracking but magical experience.

    Most couples dream of breathtaking scenery when thinking about their wedding destination. Whether you want outdoor, indoor, or exotic places, picking an out-of-the-box wedding venue is not always an easy task. If you’re craving for a unique and awe-inspiring wedding spot, then here is a list of some of the best places to consider.

    #1. Museum

    If you want a unique wedding spot, consider your local art museum. Decked out with high ceilings, giant chandeliers, and ornate woodwork, a museum wedding can be both exciting and classic. Some of the best conservatory options to try include city museums, natural history museums, air and space museums, and even children’s museums and more.

    Most museums have a space to rent, and you can fix it in your wedding ceremony during the after hours. You can consider putting up an impressive dinosaur skeleton or a historic propeller plane as your backdrop. The spot will be both amusing to your guests and unique for your special event.

    Guests can be entertained with built-in guest entertainment programs. In some cases, the museum staff can open exhibits or offer guided tours for the guests to explore the place during the cocktail session.

    #2. Library

    If you are a bookworm, then you will love the idea of getting married in a library. Vast volumes of books will form a beautiful backdrop for your special ceremony. The photos can be adorned with books of all kinds, and you will have a memorable day near some of your favorite authors and collections.

    You can create different interesting shapes with books to become the aisles that will be glittering as you enter to exchange your vows. A wedding in a library is an excellent idea for those that love reading and would enjoy seeing books at their wedding photos. Some public libraries and schools offer a reception hall that you can use for the reception and a cocktail.

    #3. Wedding Resort

    Different resorts have the prettiest backdrops that you can find for your celebration as well as your wedding photos. These venues are lovely spots for a casual and intimate wedding.

    If you are considering doing your wedding in a resort, then you should find time to do your research thoroughly. Most resorts require that you book your spot in advance to avoid the crashing of your date with another.

    Also, check their prices to see whether you can afford what the resort will cost to host your wedding ceremony and reception if you so decide. You also need to consider the number of your guests as well as the exciting things that they will enjoy and if they will be comfortable to come with their families.

    For example, the Rose hall resort in Jamaica, which is one of the best wedding destinations in the world, is a beautiful and history-rich resort that is fit to invite guests together with their families. This resort has exquisite panoramas, lush green landscapes secret waterfalls, ancient ruins, beach escapes, and grand great houses that are an excellent combination for a couple that love nature and history. Rose Hall weddings are unforgettable, and even the guests will enjoy the fantastic sceneries around.

    #4. Botanical Garden

    If you want a wedding venue manicured with beautiful flowers and tree-lined paths, then you can consider a botanical garden. When doing a botanical wedding, you won’t have to worry about the décor. A botanical garden is not only adorned with lots of beautiful flower beds, but it also has high and affordable rates.

    Since nonprofit organizations or cities typically own most botanical gardens, they often have fair prices compared to other locations. Most gardens also have high glass ceilings as well as tons of natural greenery which can form amazing wedding backdrops.

    #5. Boat

    Do you love the sea? You can plan to do a wedding in a yacht, sailboat, ferry or riverboat to name but a few. You and your guests will enjoy the lovely background of the blue waters.

    The changing environment will be a beautiful backdrop. You can consider planning the wedding in out-of-commission military vessels or historic ships that are docked out permanently but open for ceremonies.

    #6. Winery

    Do you fancy a vineyard wedding? Vineyards are not only romantic but also magical. Hosting a wedding in a winery is becoming more and more popular because of its earthy atmosphere and vintage rustic charm. You can make rustic decorations to match the country’s vibe.

    Most wineries are located far away from the city. Therefore, you need to plan the nitty-gritty details, including transportation of your bridal team and guests. Weddings hosted in a winery make a stunning wedding album, and the guests can bask in the scenery’s beauty.

    #7. Theater

    A theater is another fantastic wedding venue for a couple that is into performing arts. In a theater, you can offer your guests refreshments and even have the ability to set up a bar and have a liquor license.

    However, if you love the theater but would prefer an outdoor ceremony, then you can consider doing it in an amphitheater. Just make sure that your wedding is in early summer or late fall seasons for the wedding day weather to be favorable.

    #8. Ice Cave

    If you desire to do your wedding in an adventurous but spectacular spot, ice caves can be your best bet. A wedding in a cave can be quite exciting and at the same time daring, so it’s not for the fainthearted.

    Bring along your two witnesses and perhaps only a small number of people who are willing to head to that unusual destination. Also, consider getting a professional guide when going there.

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