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    The Anti-Ikea Living Room – How to Decorate Originally

    With the increasing popularity of IKEA throughout the world, everyone’s interiors are starting to look more and more identical. If you’re reading this article, you’re likely looking to redecorate your living room and want it to stand out from the rest. Being intentional and planning ahead allows you to have an original and stylish space that reflects your own personal style, not what’s trending.

    Not sure where to begin? Here are four ways to ensure your new living room looks nothing like an IKEA catalog!

    Shopping on Etsy

    Get good karma and a fabulously decorated room by supporting creators on Etsy. This online marketplace is a ton of fun to browse, and you’ll find the most incredible items you never knew you needed.

    Look through unique wall hangings, pillow covers, ceiling lamps and handmade rugs to see what speaks to your individual style. There’s no rush to purchase anything immediately like there is in a brick and mortar store, so take your time and only buy what you really love.

    Choosing wall art from independent sellers

    Artwork should be an expression of your personal taste, so why buy something basic that every other person already has on their wall? If you’re not sure what kind of art you’re into yet, Instagram is great for finding some inspiration, as well as some independent artists and sellers.

    This website has a ton of non-cheesy typography prints and showcases some great examples of independent wall art. These beautifully designed quote posters are sure to inspire you and your guests.

    Going to thrift stores and flea markets

    One way to guarantee a unique living room is by sourcing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. It’s easier than you think to find secondhand furniture that’s still in great condition. Check out when your local flea markets are on or head to a designated thrift shop any day of the week to start your search.

    You can always strike up a deal at markets, particularly when you find more than one piece you like, so practice those bargaining skills! Keep an open mind about how you can use each item you come across and try to see the potential.

    Upcycling unused goods

    Want to not only have a fantastic looking space, but help out the environment and save some cash all at the same time? Upcycling is a huge trend at the moment, and just about anything can be used. Instead of going out and buying new pieces, use your imagination to give your current items a re-do.

    Sand down and paint a coffee table or sideboard to give it a fresh new look. If you’re not using something for its original purpose, it can be turned into something completely new too. Use an old ladder as shelves for potted plants, and create candles out of your unused tea cups.

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