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    The Best Photo Book Editor of 2021

    Photographs are essential personal references to the past and a great way to document your memories. MixBook Photo Co. is  company in the United States, famous for its photo books editor that offers numerous themes to help you customize your albums and enables you to tell your story in a fun and creative way. This corporation offers:

    #1. Sizing

    Mixbook has an excellent size collection. You have eight sizes. However, some of the sizes are exclusive to certain book types.

    a) Square

    • 6X6”
    • 8.5X8.5”
    • 10X10”
    • 12X12”

    b) Portrait

    • 8.5X11

    c) Landscape

    • 8X6”
    • 11X8.5”
    • 14X11”

    2. Cover

    Mixbook offers four basic high-quality cover types

    • Softcover Glossy
    • Hardcover Glossy
    • Hardcover Soft Touch Matte
    • Black Leather cover with dust jacket: You cannot personalize the leather or have this type of cover for lay-flat books.

    #3. Binding

    Mixbook has two main binding types:

    Perfect bound books: Do not open completely flat with little content getting lost in the middle because they are glued at the spine. These books can go up to 400 pages and are long-lasting. The pages are fairly slim, about 150 gsm.

    Seamless Lay Flat: This binding ensures that your book stays fully flat when you open it, with nothing getting lost in the middle. It is usually printed as double sheets (which are perfect for panorama shots), stuck together. An additional sheath is inserted between the pages for extra rigidity, so the pages are very strong. These books are usually heavier than the perfect bound ones.

    #4. Paper types

    MixBook offers two paper types, which are usually marketed as 4.

    a) Standard books usually come with:

    • Silk, semi-gloss, 100 lb. (148 gsm)
    • Lustre, 80 lb., Ice Pearl

    b) Lay Flat books usually come with:

    • Matt Lay Flat, 100 lb. Text Mohawk Color Premium on board
    • Lustre Lay Flat on board

    #5. Print quality

    MixBook prints all of their photo books on HP Indigo printers. These printers are excellent mid-range printers.

    #6. Editing

    MixBook is popular for its easy, funky-looking, and user-friendly online editor that allows you to customize your photo book in less than 15 minutes. The editor resembles a scrapbook.

    The essential elements are backgrounds, photographs, and stickers. When using the online editor, you will first load up your photo book, select one of the already made books (pre-made templates), and drag your pictures into the template.

    You have the option of customizing the template in any way you want to. If you do not like the template, you can switch up the background, embellishments, and frames by choosing from those provided.

    You can move things around, for example, texts and pictures when editing. Another good thing about the editor is that you can change the book’s sizing by downsizing/upsizing it depending on your preference without necessarily having to readjust everything in the editor.  When checking out, you can choose your preferred cover, binding, and paper.

    #7. Availability

    MixBook has separate stores and printing stations worldwide in Australia, Europe, Canada, the USA, and the UK. Once you get onto the Mixbook website, log into your account and change your preferred store in your settings to the one that is closest to you.

    Create an account with MixBook and start editing and customizing your photo books today.

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