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    The Home Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be tricky. Use this guide to avoid home cleaning mistakes to get your home sparkling clean without all the frustration. Nobody is perfect. But when it comes to cleaning, it’s important to get it right the first time. Making mistakes while cleaning wastes precious time, creates frustration and headaches, and in some cases can cause injury or illness. Below is the list of common mistakes people make when cleaning their home:

    Misusing Chemicals

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make while cleaning your home is to ignore the directions from the manufacturer when it comes to how much cleaning solution to use or how to use it. Failing to follow directions can lead to injury or illness for you or your family. You also want to avoid mixing cleaning solutions that could interact and create toxic fumes or even an explosion.

    When it comes to cleaning solutions, you should make sure that you always wear gloves. Go for disposable nitrile or latex gloves, depending on your skin’s preferences. After using the gloves, you can easily throw them out to avoid contamination or infection in case some chemicals remain on the gloves. Wear a face mask and eye protection, as well, for complete protection. Forgetting gloves can damage your skin or otherwise cause you harm if you touch your eyes, mouth, or face. When cleaning with chemical solutions it’s also critical to open windows to ensure adequate ventilation in the room.

    Transporting or Breeding Germs

    Another of the common cleaning mistakes you should avoid, is transporting germs from one room to another or allowing germs to breed. Improper sponge cleaning or using the same rag to clean several different areas of the house can spread germs throughout your home. Sponges should be disinfected frequently using high heat to keep germs from breeding. Toilet brushes should be thoroughly air dried before returning them to the brush holder to reduce germs.

    Working Harder Not Smarter

    A huge part of cleaning properly is knowing how and when to clean so that you don’t have to duplicate your efforts. Start cleaning from the top of the room down, cleaning ceilings, windows, walls, and counters before cleaning floors. It’s also important to have the right tools for each task so you can clean efficiently and reduce frustration. Make an appointment with professionals like Simply maid Adelaide when you find that you need deep cleaning of your house.

    When cleaning windows, clean later in the day or in the evening to reduce streaking caused by direct sun drying window cleaner too quickly. When loading the dishwasher, vary position of utensils to prevent them from “nesting” together which could leave food trapped between them.

    Masking Odor Instead of Eliminating It

    There’s nothing worse than walking into a home and being hit in the face by the odor from the kitchen trash can, stinky shoes, or sweaty sports equipment. There are a lot of air fresheners, candles, and other products on the market designed to mask odors as a short-term solution to eliminating the stink. It’s much more efficient to find the source of odors and eliminate them with a thorough cleaning or an odor absorber product rather than just masking them temporarily.

    Which of these home cleaning mistakes to avoid are you guilty of? Share your favorite ways to clean your home with less frustration and headaches in the comments below.

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