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    The Most Popular Home Design Trends in 2019

    Thinking of renovating your home in preparation for the new year? Here are some of the most popular designs out there currently, which might give you some inspiration for a personal revamp.

    Warming up for Winter

    Those wanting to cosy up their home, and prepare it for the drab and dreary nature of the next few months, might want to consider layering some matching cushions, faux rugs and carpets, throws and blankets in order to instantly make their home feel warm and inviting. You’ll want to go with some natural and unassuming colours with this one, so as to not feel like a hodgepodge mess of colours, and in the lead up to the festive Christmas period, you could pair it up with some bright reds and greens from your decorations.

    Going Abstract

    If the rooms in your home feel a bit bland and boring, then why not spruce things up a bit by adding in a vibrant and bold colour? You could start by introducing a stark feature wall in a room, setting the mood, and then add some poppy wall art or striking cushions. Don’t be afraid to experiment, within reason!

    Top Tip: Smart LED lighting (from products such as the Philips hue bulbs) can be a great way of controlling colour throughout your home without having to whip out the paint can and risk making a mess! They can be controlled through an app on your smartphone, and even schedule changes automatically, cycling through at your own will.

    Modular Design

    Sleek, manageable and simple designs are the way forward for many people in their homes, who want to do away with all the clutter and keep their space running like a well-oiled machine. Studies have shown that a clear home can help you to maintain a clear mind, and for those wanting to renovate, doing away with overbearing furniture rather than having to buy in more can actually save you some money, so it’s a winner either way.

    Particularly in city centres, there is not only a growing demand for living space, but also a need for buildings to adopt more intelligent construction techniques and modern sensibilities in order to slot in and work. Purpose built student accommodation, from property investment companies such as RW Invest, are a new breed of student homes that tesselate brilliantly into their cities, and approach their interiors with a modular, minimalist outlook. Colours are coordinated and stylish, floor space is maximised, and innovative storage solutions make the most of the room they have. These sorts of designs are something that you should look towards if you find yourself feeling like you don’t have enough room in your house.

    Home Office

    While not an over-arching design specifically, more and more young professionals in the modern day are starting to adapt spaces and rooms in their own homes into workspaces, studies and offices. This is particularly the case with young people partaking in the ‘gig economy’, working freelance and on personal passion projects on the side in their free time.

    When building your own work space, you should think about some of the different modern sensibilities that young offices employ to appeal to their employees. Contemporary, modern designs that inspire and encourage creativity as much as they do a solid work ethic.

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