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    The Perfect Accessories for Fans of Neutral Color Palettes

    The end of winter is a great time to reset your wardrobe. Refresh it as you head into spring with a palette that never gets old—neutral colors are fresh right now, classic but also contemporary. It’s a clean, sophisticated palette that will boost your confidence and set the tone for a new season and new attitude.

    What is a Neutral Color Palette?

    Neutrals are the common ground of color palettes. They mix well with everything and won’t clash with pops of color. More scientifically speaking, neutral colors contain at least some of every primary color. They are a blend, which makes them suitable for pairing with any other color. In fashion, neutrals expand a little bit outside of this definition and include:

    • Gray
    • Brown
    • Black
    • White
    • Cream
    • Navy

    A base of neutral pieces makes a wardrobe easy and effortless. Start with neutrals, and you can add trendy, colorful clothing and accessories. This isn’t the only reason to go neutral—a neutral palette is elegant and never goes out of style.

    Key Accessories for Neutral Color Palettes

    When building a neutral wardrobe, don’t overlook accessories. The right addition can lift a plain outfit, but the wrong one can distract from a perfect look. Take care when selecting glasses, boots, coats, and other complementary pieces. The right pieces will elevate your outfit and give you confidence.

    Neutral accessories are easy to pair with outfits, but they also add an element of sophistication. They make choosing an outfit simple. A pair of tortoiseshell glasses give you an air of academia, while the perfect brown boot can make you feel powerful.

    A Long Camel Coat

    When it comes to neutral accessories, there are a few that stand out as classic wardrobe staples—none more so than the camel coat. It’s great for both women and men, and while the traditional style is a long wool coat, modern updates keep this piece fresh.

    For a more masculine look, stick with a more traditional style like a single-breasted coat featuring short and narrow notched lapels, a chest pocket, diagonal welt side pockets, and buttons at the cuff. For a classy, feminine look, opt for a tea-length double-breasted coat with wide notched lapels, hidden welt side pockets, and maybe a belt. Chunky buttons, even leather, can turn this timeless piece contemporary.

    Subtle Eyewear

    If you’re not into trendy, bright-colored frames, neutral eyewear is best. Classic brown Gucci glasses and sunglasses are perfect for a subtle, stylish look that doesn’t compete with the rest of your outfit. There are so many options for a neutral eyewear look:

    • Shades of brown, including nude, tan, or dark brown
    • Classic tortoiseshell in brown and black
    • Clear plastic frames for a more modern look
    • Warm neutrals, like rose-tinged, tan frames
    • Cooler neutrals, like bluish-gray
    • Metal, wire-frame glasses

    Don’t limit yourself to prescription eyewear. Glasses make a statement in every outfit, so even if you don’t need to wear lenses, you can select trendy or classic frames to complement your looks.

    Classic Chelsea Boots

    Chelsea boots never go out of style and gained popularity in the Victorian era. They’re low boots with no laces and elastic on the sides that make them easy to slip on and off. Simple in shape and design, these boots go with every outfit, from casual streetwear to workdays or a night out.

    While more often seen on men, fashion is more gender fluid than ever before. Women can definitely pull off this look. To stick with your neutral palette, choose a pair in classic brown or tan leather. Be sure pant legs sit just at the top of the boot for the best visual.

    All Things Brown Leather

    Brown leather is the ultimate material for a neutral accessory. You can never go wrong with brown leather belts, shoes, wallets, purses, and even backpacks and satchels. You’ll effortlessly look both classic and edgy with brown leather headbands, bracelets, and jackets.

    “Mock Croc” Pattern Accents

    For a trendier look in leather accessories, choose neutral crocodile patterns. True crocodile accessories are expensive, but you can find mock croc at affordable prices in handbags, wallets, shoes, and more. The texture adds more visual interest to your neutral outfit than plain leather, and it’s a current trend for 2021 fashionistas.

    Neutral is Classic and Effortless

    If you’re ready for a fresh start, start with your wardrobe. Build a base of neutrals with just a dash of other colors, and never forget the importance of the right accessories. Neutral add-ons take a traditional outfit to the next level.

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