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    The Perfect Walk-In Closet for Small Spaces

    A small room doesn’t mean you can’t have that walk-in closet you have always dreamed of. Even just the corner of a room can be enough to incorporate a stylish closet with the right design. Follow these tips to create the perfect walk-in closet or spacious wardrobe in a small space.

    Go High Instead of Wide

    You can use a space vertically horizontally in any way you like. If you don’t have much space on the floor, use as much space towards the ceiling as you need. Shelf cubes can become stairs to make top shelves easily accessible.

    Use Corners to your Advantage

    Corners can provide more space than it may seem. A small walk-in closet in a corner can still feel very stylish. Include a nice fluffy carpet and a full-length mirror in the door to make it more inviting.

    Borrow Ideas that were used in Similar Spaces

    Walk in wardrobes offer infinite options to create a dressing area, even if you don´t have much space available. Let yourself be inspired by the many solutions that others found online. If you have a very awkward sloping ceiling or tiny rooms that don’t offer much space, there are likely many other people who have the same problem and may have shared it online. Join groups, such as on Facebook or Reddit, to discuss the problem you have with others who are looking to create walk-in wardrobes or similar interior design projects.

    Include all the Elements you Always Wanted

    Do you wish you had a space to display your jewellery? Or have you always wanted upholstered seating in your wardrobe? With a bit of brainstorming, you may be able to incorporate them in your wardrobe design. Ask friends and family to offer suggestions. It can be easier to plan together than alone!

    Take Advantage of Existing Elements

    Wardrobes underneath stairs have become very popular in recent years. Some homeowners have even been able to build entire rooms under their staircase. While these are often used as small bathrooms, why not turn it into a wardrobe? Protruding elements such as door frames or beams can be used to include storage close to the ceiling, while blending it in with the rest of the interior.

    A small dressing room can be simple but also offer lots of storage room if you choose the right design. Messy shelves can be hidden behind mirrors and wardrobe doors and lighting can make the space seem much more inviting. It may take some work, but in the end you’ll be happy if you found the right solution.

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