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    Thin Walls That Are Noisy From Other Apartments?

    Most of the people around the world are living in the urban areas. What is there not to love about these places? From the sky high escapes to the wondrous little holes considered as places below, there seems to be a lot of wondrous things enclosed in a tiny space. Millions of opportunities are produced within a city, and most urban areas have lots of businesses that offer these to the people. Even though the pollution and overall quality of life may vary, the fast-paced city life usually works for most people. This is why it is the most densely populated places in the world.

    As we may have mentioned, one of the problems about urban areas is the lack of space. You might think that with all the barren land around them, it is plausible to just build outwards. However, environmental concerns notwithstanding, most urban areas would just like to go higher and not wider. It is considerably cheaper and you take in less space. Skyscrapers did exist for a reason, and the conservation of these spaces actually matters to most business owners and city dwellers alike. This article says that there are dangers with going higher but people don’t seem to mind.

    Housing Problems In The Neighborhood

    There is another problem that has been exacerbated by the lack of space: housing. Most families in the bigger cities tend to live in apartments or condominium units. One of the main reasons why is because of the location. People want to be nearer to most establishments but more importantly their work places. No one wants to travel on longer distances for hours before their shift even starts. This would be a recipe for burnout, and anybody who had experienced this knows how horrible it can be. Also, the nearer your house is to your place of work, the more savings you will have.

    Finding that perfect place for your family in the middle of the city can really be problematic. After all, with all the people living in it, there is a scarcity of great places toe with your children and partner. The space itself is already a problem; you do not want to live in an apartment that is just slightly bigger than a coffin. This is the reality of many people in Hong Kong and most just are just lucky to survive. Imagine fitting a family of four in there, let alone six or more. How will you fit everything in such a constricted place?

    On the other hand, we are lucky here in other countries wherein apartments and condo units tend to be somewhat bigger. However, there is also another problem in these very close places: The thin walls. Most builders and construction firms do this because their clients want to cut costs. It does very effectively, but the result is the disturbed customers. You don’t want to hear your neighbors doing their everyday stuff, and neither do they to you. It can be rather bothersome but there are ways for you to circumnavigate these problems.

    Thin Wall Tips & Tricks

    #1. Buy carpets to smother the sound

    One of the more effective and affordable ways to soundproof your home is to buy a carpet and install it on the walls. It can’t be just any carpet, and other types of cloth won’t work either. You need something thick so that the sound will have a hard time permeating that cover. There has been an ongoing belief that egg cartons or racks are effective with soundproofing. As seen on that popular animated Mr. Bean sketch, this is not effective at all. You need hundreds of layers of egg cartons before you can silence your area. It is also quite flammable, too which can spell your demise if any accidents regarding fire do happen.

    #2. Find if there are gaps and holes around your apartment then seal them

    Another way for you to soundproof your home is through the gap closing method. You need to really look for those crevices wherein the sounds might be entering from. With this investigation, you might be able to gauge how thin your walls are. If there are holes in the wall, then find measures on how to close them. Covering them with simple sealants like wood glue would be a good choice. However, this would depend on what material the thin walls were made of. So make sure you check, okay?

    #3. Install soundproofing materials like spray foam

    If you want something a bit more long lasting, then you need to contact a soundproofing company. Make sure that the place you are going to alter is actually yours. Also, warn the workers and your neighbors that you might make a lot of noise while the repair is being done. They can put in spray foam in between the walls so that this will thicken the space between. Also, this would fill in some of the gaps as well. Learn more about the revolutionary uses of spray foam here.

    #4. Move out and find another apartment

    This would be the worst case scenario, but a valid option if you have already run out of ideas. In the city, there should be some other places that you can transfer into that would be so much better. However, you also need to think about the cost. If you have already paid a deposit, then you might need to finish the term before considering a transfer. You can also ask your landlord if there are other rooms available. You might be able to move in on one without neighbors at all.

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