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    Three Great Forms of Charity

    Charity is a form of giving to help those in need whether they are in front of us or across the globe, the act of giving never stops. Charity is nothing new and the action has been done for years and evidence of it can be found in history and religious texts.

    Many religions across the globe encourage the act of giving immensely as an act of worship. Through these practices and just common empathy and voluntary giving, many poor and less fortunate people across the world including children have been able to turn their lives around. Charity is truly a gift for everyone involved and people should engage in it more often and I have four ways in which you can.

    Donating Money:

    Donating money is definitely one of the most common methods of charity as it is the easiest. Many people due to their lifestyles are unable to engage in huge physical acts of charity however still want to help out those who need it. Another reason is that with money you can help whoever you want and whatever charity and cause you to choose, making it the easiest and most accessible form of charity.

    Many charities and organizations allow you to use their platforms to donate money in whatever amount you want and to whatever appeal you like. Some people sign up for monthly donations to charity and for some, it is random donations out of the blue.

    Many cultural and religious practices encourage this form of charity. A few of them being Islam and Zakat, Judaism and Tzedakah and even Buddhism and Dana.

    Donating money does not need to be given through charity organizations etc, it can be given however you see fit.

    Donating Meat and Food:

    This form of charity can be linked with donating money as through money donation many people intend their donation to go towards feeding poor families and orphan children. However, some people and communities directly engage in the action of sacrificing animals and distributing them amongst those who need it also accompanied by other forms of food.

    When walking on the road you may across a homeless person who may require food. Instead of giving the person money you most likely will go and buy the food yourself for them or give food you already have to aid them in what they need at that moment.

    Religions like Islam engage in the religious practice of sacrificing animals which then goes to aid and feed those in need. It is known as Qurbani, and Muslims must follow all the rules of Qurbani for it to be an acceptable act of charity and worship.

    Sikhism unlike Islam offers a different form of food charity, Sewa which translates to selfless service is a main practice in Sikhism. Within Gurdwara’s, a place of worship, they engage in the action of Langar. Langar is when Sikh’s volunteer to cook and serve food to whoever is present at the Gurdwara whether they are poor or rich and even if they are of a different religion, this can be seen as a form of charity as many poor and less fortunate people benefit from it.


    Volunteering can happen through multiple organizations charity or not. Volunteering is a service that is offered to help others with no payment in return. For charity reasons, most volunteers offer their services to charity organizations to help them in multiple ways.

    There are many different roles and services whether it is serving food to the poor community local to you or helping in emergencies across the globe, providing life saving aid to those who need it most.

    So many different types of volunteering and all scales which makes this action more accessible for many.

    I hope this content was informative and educational, I hope that you can find a way to implement charity in your life whether for personal or religious reasons or whatever.

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