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    Time to GO! Signs That Let You Know It’s Time to Move to a New City

    When it comes to moving to a new city, it can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. Uprooting the life you’ve known and lived for so long to start a new one can leave one feeling a mixture of emotions. On one hand, you’re excited and feeling optimistic about starting a wonderful new chapter in your life. On the other hand, you have feelings of defeat or like you quit or failed. Whether you’re starting a new job in a new city or if you’re just tired of the “same old, same old” with your current location, you’re sometimes left with no other option than to relocate.

    Timing is Everything, Right?

    Trying to find the right time to move can be somewhat difficult. You’ll be going back and forth in your mind about whether or not you should do it because you don’t want to leave behind the relationships you’ve made, yet you also don’t want to miss out on any future opportunities because you were too scared to take that risk.

    That fear is the fear of change. Crestcomleadership stats that the number one reason people fear change is the fear of making mistakes. The awful truth is, it’s hard to tell when it’s time to see if the grass is greener on the other side, but there are signs that can (and will) let you know that it’s time to go!

    Sometimes all you need is a change in scenery.  Here are the signs you need to pay attention to in order to see if moving is in your near future. If any of these signs describe you,

    You’ve Never Lived Anywhere Else

    “You’ll never know if you never try.” That statement has been recited by the likes of mothers everywhere in attempts to get their kids to try out or audition for some type of extracurricular school activity. Well, it makes sense if you think about it and the message behind it can truly be said about moving to a different city.

    Now, there are some people who LOVE their hometown and want to live there till their dying days. There are also people who choose to live in the city they went to college… both of those scenarios are perfectly fine, but one of the worst things you can experience is regret… the dreaded “what if?”

    If you’re not sure where you want to live, it won’t hurt a thing to look at a different location. The worse that could happen is you move to a new location, hate it, and move back to your hometown. Being able to say you tried it out and it didn’t work out is a lot better than having the doubt in your head, constantly wondering about “what if.”

    You Constantly Complain About Your Current City

    There’s not one city that’s completely perfect… everyone hates some aspect of their city a little bit at least. A lot of people that live in Chicago, IL hate the amount of snow associated with the harsh winters there, while there are some Tennesseans that hate country music and live in the country music capital of the world, Nashville, TN.

    Now, if the complaints about your city go from the normal hatred of common things to sounding like an old bitter person who just hates everything, then you definitely need to move. A person can only take so much, and when you hit that limit, it’s time to change up your scenery.

    You Have No Explanation As to Why You Need to Stay

    You may have moved somewhere for a particular reason and then all of a sudden realize you have no reason to be there anymore. This is when some self-evaluations and reflections need to take place. Maybe you moved for a girlfriend or boyfriend but then broke up a year later, or moved for a job but then quit after two weeks… those things are no longer tying you to that city, especially if you’re not happy there.

    Life is too short. If you don’t have any responsibilities such as a spouse or children keeping you tied to a particular city, then you need to consider moving. If finding somewhere to live is the hardest part for you, then you can always look at different apartments on Rent. You’ll be able to view the apartments, apply online, get approved, and fall in love with it before you even get to your new location!

    It’s Your Thing, Do What You Want to Do!

    Hey, you have your own life to live, but to live a life full of “what ifs” is one that would constantly have your mind churning. If an opportunity presents itself to you to move to a different city, why not see what that city has to offer you?

    There are tips to make your relocation process go smooth and services that will help you move from one location to the next. Take advantage of the resources available to you! It can definitely be scary to move, but who said anything worth having would be easy? No one, so take that leap of faith and see the world and all it has to offer!

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