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    Tips for Handling Trespassing

    If you own private property, then few things are more infuriating than trespassers. You’ve paid your dues and earned the right to keep your property all to yourself. Nobody else is entitled to meander your property.

    Unfortunately, trespassing is a common occurrence. However, some trespassers are not even aware that they are doing so. Going into someone’s property without consent constitutes trespassing, but the issue is that someone may not know they are on your property.

    When dealing with someone trespassing on your property, it can be hard to think rationally. You don’t want to make any foolish mistakes that lead to legal consequences later.

    To help you deal with trespassers as effectively as possible, we’ll point out how you should handle them below.

    Post Signage

    You should begin by posting clear signage indicating that the area is private property and anyone unauthorized is trespassing. This is a requirement for legal protection.

    As mentioned above, some trespassers honestly have no clue that they are on private property. Whether they don’t notice a sign or there simply isn’t one, they don’t have intentions to trespass.

    By putting up a sign that informs them otherwise, you’ll cut back on a good number of trespassers. Make sure to put the sign up in easily visible locations, especially in areas where you know people tend to travel in. Consider having multiple signs for larger properties.

    With signs that can’t be missed, the trespassers that remain are those that are either oblivious or blatantly ignoring your signs. Neither situation is acceptable, so it makes it easier for you to take further action from here.

    Avoid Direct Confrontation

    When you encounter trespassers, you should be careful to avoid direct confrontation with them.

    If you have signs posted in several locations, then this usually means the trespasser knows what they’re doing. They are openly defying your rights, which makes them irrational and unpredictable.

    Making matters worse, many trespassing situations involve the countryside. In these scenarios, trespassers are often hunters looking for game, meaning that they’ll have a gun. You do not want to get into an altercation with an openly defiant and unpredictable party with a gun.

    Alternatively, trespassers may be unaware if you lack signs. If this is the case, then a simple verbal warning may be enough to fix the situation. If it does not, make sure to not escalate the situation directly.

    File a Report

    Instead, the best approach to trespassing is to gather identifying information and file a report.

    Send this information to the police. Don’t use the emergency line unless the trespassers are actively endangering you with their presence.

    The reason why you need to file a report is that it starts a paper trail. It provides documentation of the trespass, which can establish a history of trespassing should they return.

    This is important because a history of trespassing will result in legally enforceable consequences for trespassers, particularly arrest and fines.

    Without this paper trail, you won’t have the precedence needed to effectively enforce your private property rights. The sooner you file a report, the quicker you can permanently remove a trespasser from your property.

    Civil Lawsuit

    Should a trespasser continuously violate your privacy, you can elect for a civil lawsuit to right their wrongdoing.

    If you create documentation of the trespass and the police have already responded, it may not be enough to stop some trespassers. In this situation, you may need to take further legal action.

    You must understand that most trespassing cases are often not criminal offenses, but rather civil infractions. This means that a trespasser won’t be prosecuted for their behavior.

    However, you can still take action against them in the form of a civil lawsuit. Their trespassing is civil wrongdoing, which entitles you to compensation for their actions.

    While a civil lawsuit may seem like a lengthy process, it’s the only way to get legal reparations for trespassing. Should it be necessary for you, consider hiring a lawyer with experience in civil lawsuits and trespassing.

    Closing Thoughts

    Trespassers can be a major nuisance, but there are ways you can effectively handle them. This begins with understanding how trespassing occurs and what will prevent it from occurring in the future.

    A few tips for managing trespassing include posting clear signage, avoiding direct confrontation, filing a report, and beginning a civil lawsuit in extreme cases.

    Nobody should enter your property without permission, but don’t let their transgression result in negative ramifications for you! Always handle trespassers properly to minimize your liability and resolve the situation peacefully.

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