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    Tips on How to Prevent Hair Thinning

    You run your hands over your hair for a couple of minutes, and you sigh in regret.

    Wasn’t it just a while back that you had a head full of hair? It all seems like a mirage.

    What went wrong? That’s right; what led to your hair thinning out so badly?

    According to Perfecthairhealth.com, there is a myriad of factors that could have led to your hair’s catastrophe. Let’s fish out these culprits, shall we?

    Your hairstyle

    If the sort of hairstyle that’s dear to your heart is one which causes excessive scalp tension, I’m sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but you’re the cause of your hair’s misfortunes.

    To prevent hair thinning, avoid hairstyles that put pressure on your hairline. Such hairstyles include braids, buns, ponytails to mention a few. These hairstyles have proven to be a contributing factor to hair thinning.


    If your hair is looking as scanty as that of a mouse, you might need to give up the cigarette, as smoking is a leading cause of hair loss and male- pattern baldness. Cigarettes have been found to contain excessive amounts of toxins, which cut off the portion of blood allocated to the hair follicles. Cigarette smoking also increases the level of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) and testosterone. Testosterone is linked to hair thinning, in that, when converted to its active form: DHT, it leads to an increased rate of hair thinning.


    Most medications, inclusive of supplements, have their side effects. Looking up the side effect of that pill you take in every morning could aid your combat against hair thinning (who knows if it’s the cause of your massive hair loss?)!


    Being proactive in the combat of hair thinning would include your usage of hair care products, one of which is a shampoo which prevents hair thinning.

    The right kind of shampoo would help moisturize your scalp, creating a healthy environment for your hair to grow properly. Although no shampoo is proven to reverse or slow down your hair loss, volumizing shampoos might help increase your hair fullness/thickness.

    Stress and Hair Thinning

    Stress is also a contributing factor to the levels of hair loss these days. In young males, stress has been considered a leading factor implicated in male-pattern baldness. To reduce your stress levels, you could try out some breathing exercises and patterns. You could also try out yoga and get a good sleep! Nothing beats the effect of well-deserved rest.

    How Good is Your Nutrition?

    This cannot be overemphasized- nutrition is germane for hair growth. Consuming food rich in iron, Omega-3, and protein helps perform the magic. The hair itself comprises keratin which is a protein and as such, consuming protein-rich food supplies the hair with enough food for growth.

    In addition to that, making some simple changes in your lifestyle such as drinking a glass of water every hour, getting 7 hours of sleep every day, and proper exercise takes a good toll on your entire body, inclusive of your hair.

    Wrapping It Up

    The hair-thinning pandemic is becoming worrisome. As much as there are genetic and other components to hair thinning, there are still ways through which it can be combated. Paying close attention to these solutions would put smiles on a lot of faces!

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