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    Tips on Making the Best of Your First Paint By Numbers Kit

    So you have just received your very first paint by numbers kit. You must be absolutely stoked to get started on it, especially since you have seen the masterpieces that some of your peers and people on social media have painted and posted.

    Now, even though the core concept of using a paint by numbers kit is straight forward, you must remember that there are ways to make the best of it. You could either do a mediocre job on a couple of paint by numbers canvases before painting a masterpiece, or you could follow some simple tips and start on a high note.

    If you want it to be the latter case, keep reading for some of our best tips. You can also check 18 paint by number tips on allpaintbynumbers.

    Gesso Your Canvas

    Gesso can make the colors on your canvas easy to manipulate and appear vibrant and beautiful. Normally, people use white gesso to prime their canvases. The problem is that white gesso on a paint by numbers canvas can conceal the numbers and make it nearly impossible to paint in the correct spot.

    Which is why we suggest that you use clear gesso to prime your canvas. You can buy clear gesso at most art stores, and you can also easily make it at home.

    Be Gentle With Your Brushes

    Your brushes are what give your painting its soul. If you use them too aggressively, their fine tip can become frayed. You will then not be able to paint in small details or create neat outlines with that brush.

    So make sure that you paint gently by lifting the color in small areas. Also, when you are done for the day, make sure that you are thoroughly clean and dry your brush so that it doesn’t accumulate dry paint and lose its luster.

    Take Care of Your Paint

    Paint by numbers kits for adults come with small containers of paint which are just enough to complete the painting with some margin for error. You need to make sure that none of the containers of paint get contaminated. So after you are done using a paint, clean the brush thoroughly after dipping it into the next container.

    If you are mixing paint, get a separate pallet. Pick up one color and drop it in the pallet, clean the brush, and then use the next color.

    Also, remember always to close the lid of the container so the paint does not dry up or lose its original consistency.

    Do not Rush the Painting

    Remember that to make sure your painting turns out amazing; you take your time to make it perfect. Remember to create clean, sharp outlines on all the shapes and not to contaminate the paint or any of the clear areas. Only then will you end up with something mind-blowing.

    Work in a Clean Environment

    Lastly, you need to make sure that you work in a clean environment. An area that is prone to dust, dirt, or spillage can easily contaminate your painting and make it look less than perfect.

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