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    Tips to Make Your Phone Look Adorable

    Ever since the launching of iPhones, people have been figuring different ways to make their phone adorable. Now, smartphone users have discovered a fun and creative way to modify, alter, and customize their phones to meet their needs.

    However, technology is advancing at a breakneck speed. Keeping up with these modifications and updates can be difficult if not expensive to most phone owners.

    As the owner, you need to come up with measures that make your phone look completely new. Today, we’ll not only focus on performance tweaks that make your phone look fresh but also cosmetic changes that give your iPhone a new look. Some of which will include the installation of a  waterproof iPhone XS max case that offers protection against external damage.

    Change your Wallpaper

    It’s the simplest thing you can do to make your phone look cute. It doesn’t have to be an excellent image with a paradisiacal landscape or with complex shapes. You can even change it to a solid color if that’s your thing.

    Get an Attractive Case for Your Phone

    Let’s face it: almost all the phones today have the same look. The size, shape, among other features. So, what can change this? The case you choose to buy can make all the difference.

    Well, don’t just buy a case for protection purposes. Yes, it will protect your device from damage and scratches if it falls. You’ll even find a waterproof case that protects the interior of your phone from water damage.

    Currently, there are so many cases with amazing designs for different phone models. When making a choice, go for something classy or elegant, or anything out of the ordinary. Buying the right casing for your phone has the potential to make it look new.

    Get a New Battery

    Almost all smartphone users complain of one thing: the battery. While you can employ some few tips to improve the battery life on your phone, it comes a time when all you can do is buy a new battery.

    So, you’ll be sure to do this when it’s appropriate. Buying a new battery will be more affordable than replacing your phone. But what happens if your phone has a sealed battery? Well, hire a technician to do a replacement for you. Yes, you can replace a sealed battery.

    Get Rid of Apps You Don’t Use

    So, you want to replace your old phone with a new one? Maybe you’re doing this because the current one is sluggish. Well, before you spend your money on buying a new phone, there are some few tips which you can apply to boost its performance.

    Start by uninstalling all the applications that you don’t use anymore. Clear your storage space. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android phone, different tips will help boost the performance of your phone. Further, ensure the apps and software that you’re using are up to date. With this, your phone will run smoothly.

    Also, make a habit of occasionally restarting your phone. At times, the phone will get sluggish because processes and applications are running in the background. Restarting gives your phone a boost allowing it to run slightly faster.

    Try Wireless Charging

    Wireless charging has been around for Android phones. However, it’s a new feature on the latest iPhone models. Imagine charging your device by lying it on a pad?

    Even better, if your phone doesn’t support this feature, you can buy a receiver and add this capability. Such receivers are available for Type-C or Micro-USB depending on your device’s connector type.

    Try New Things

    A smartphone is full of various features, and applications.  Be sure to explore all of them. Even better, you can easily customize your phone.

    Well, customizing your phone is much more comfortable in Android devices than on iPhones. For the latter, you can reorganize your applications to give it a new and attractive look.


    A smartphone will have a lot to offer. With some few hacks, you’ll be able to give your phone a new look. Buying a new case will ensure safety to your phone at all times. Replacing the battery will save you more money than buying a new device.

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