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    Top 5 luxury Resorts Promoting Sustainable Travel

    Travel is an adventure that we must do, but during the travels, we must hold the responsibility to not harm our surroundings. There are certain things that cannot be avoided, like to consumption of fuel, unless you decide to take the journey on a bike.

    But there are certain things that we can do which may seem small but makes a massive difference when done by a larger community of travellers – avoid using plastic bottles, not to waste food, use public transport, and invest in small and local businesses i.e. stay in a local hotel and enjoy local cuisine. To promote sustainable travel there are plenty of hotels around the globe who are doing their part for sustainable tourism. The following list consists of eco-friendly luxury resorts that are changing how we see luxury.

    #1. Spity Hotel – Nice, France

    Spity Hotel located in Nice is a perfect spot for eco-friendly travellers who love the boutique style. Guests can enjoy their own beach and an amazing pool located on the rooftop. In addition, the hotel has an unusual strategy to an extravagance living mixed with a contemporary approach. Vibrant tones and incomparable interior design identify this place. Another thing that unbelievably distinguishes this hotel is the fact that it has received a special certification for its environmental efforts that involve recycling of products policy, nonchemical paint, and ecological cleansing products. Also, the dishes served at the restaurant focus on organic foods.

    #2. Angama Mara – Maasai Mara, Kenya

    ‘Suspended in the air’, that means Angama in Swahili, and thus it seems to be, as Angama Mara resort floats on three hills in front of the vast plain of the Mara. In this luxurious enclave, some of the most memorable scenes of Memories of Africa movie were shot. Go picnic to the Oloololo hill, to the exact place where Meryl Streep and Robert Redford did the same!

    Visiting Angama Mara lodge, you can enjoy the abundance of sustainable solutions that protect and help the local neighbourhood. The resort perfectly shows how to run a profitable business being in harmony with nature and wildlife. What is more, Angama Mara possesses the most exceptional entertainment centre in the Mara Triangle. While watching breathtaking views, you can enjoy a large swimming pool, African art gallery, and malls jam-packed with clothes and jewellery. When it comes to costs, you pay only US$10 per night donation. The money is then spent on local community needs and conservation projects in the Mara Triangle.

    #3. Hoshinoya Karuizawa – Japan

    The continuous lines, the windows to the ceiling and the neutral colours of the Hoshinoya Karuizawa resort effortlessly merge into the surrounding landscape, giving the resort the impression it has always been there. Just a short drive from Tokyo, age-old trees are thriving here, accompanied by small streams running down from the Asama mountain. The river plays a significant role in the energy supply of Hoshinoya Karuizawa because it generates hydroelectricity using an sophisticated system. The resort’s energy has been praised since the first hot-water bath was excavated here in 1914. Nowadays, you can enjoy the indoor stone pool, the sauna and the outdoor pool filled to the brim with healthy water with low alkaline content. Bathing in the soundscape of Hoshinoya Karuizawa will make you understand why the local trees have chosen to thrive here in this natural opulence.

    #4. Whitepod – The Valais, Switzerland

    Have you always dreamed about experiencing the Switzerland slope? If so, pack yourself and visit the Whitepod hotel which is considered one of the most ecological hotels around the world. During your stay, you will live in a luxury, well equipped “pod” with the incredible view of the mountains, and at night you can see a million stars. This is more than a hotel, it’s an experience! Waking up in the morning and looking at the mountain view will be something you will never forget. So, if you want to experience true first-class comfort, rent Whitepod nestled in the mountains. The hotel provides diverse amenities such as comfortable and large beds, boiling hot showers with good pressure in the heated bathroom, and an automatic fireplace that turns on at night hours.

    #5. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Have you always dreamed of a luxury holiday in an environmentally friendly hotel? If so, visit the Mandarin Oriental, an outstanding hotel located in Las Vegas. The entire place stands out with the latest energy saving solutions blended with extraordinary decor and atmosphere. The hotel uses only ecological cleaning products, has a special system that saves light, and provides 100% organic meals throughout your stay. In addition, ubiquitous Asian decorations will provide an unforgettable experience for your eyes. But one of the most exciting activities that you can enjoy in this hotel is the view from the 23rd floor. Admire the famous Las Vegas Strip and forget about the whole world drinking a tasty drink at a Mandarin restaurant.

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