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    Top 5 Wedding Planning Necessities

    Weddings can be super super stressful, and with all the information online your brain and soul can quickly go into overload.

    If only there were a list that you can use to tell you where to start and what to use, what really works and what doesn’t. Well, there is, and you’re welcome;

    #1. A Few Pinterest Boards

    There’s no doubt that Pinterest is the first place a bride-to-be will turn for ideas, and for good reason.

    It’s an invaluable resource of inspiration and information and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t utilize that to its fullest potential.

    You can find anything on there, from DIY centerpieces, to hair and makeup inspiration, to patterns for bridesmaids dresses and probably everything in between.

    Hell I’m pretty sure, if you really wanted to, you could build your own venue from the ground up by using Pinterest’s guidance.

    Of course, you may prefer a simpler route and that’s totally cool too.

    How To Do It Right

    Chances are there are  fair amount of wedding guests following you on Pinterest, and it’s not ideal to have everyone know what your ideas are.

    So, in light of that, I suggest you make a couple of secret Pinterest boards, yes a couple.

    You can’t chuck everything for your wedding onto one board, there’s simply too much that you’ll have to go through when you’re looking for something specific.

    From the very start you should make a few categorized boards like; decor, hair, dress inspiration, bridesmaids dresses, vows, and anything else you feel would be applicable to your wedding.

    You can and should use the same categories if you save ideas from magazines etc. it will help you to keep your head on straight when your ideas need to be turned into reality.

    #2. A Partner in Crime

    There are many times you may feel like you are carrying the weight of this wedding alone, that feeling may be a hundred times worse when you don’t have someone who is dedicated to helping you plan your wedding.

    If you’re lucky, your partner in crime could be your fiance, but it will likely be your MOH ( maid of honor) or your sister or your mother.

    In an ideal world you can delegate tasks to your entire wedding party, because every small thing that is done is one less that you have to do yourself.

    But if like most of us, you don’t have that luxury, you can at least have one trustworthy PIC.

    How To Do It Right

    Contrary to popular belief, your maid of honor is not necessarily your favorite girlfriend. You want to think in terms of who will be willing and able to help you as much as you need it.

    You will also have to be able to trust their opinion on things like your wedding’s color pallet, the design of the wedding invitation and all of the millions of other details in between.

    This is why it’s important for you to choose wisely, you don’t want a deadbeat maid of honor or bridesmaid but at the same time you want someone who will love helping you as much as you love planning your own wedding.

    #3. Wedding Binder

    A wedding binder is basically a wedding planner and something sort of like a Pinterest board combined.

    Starting a wedding binder is relatively simple, especially when you start early on because then you can start with a blank slate.

    All you need is an empty file and dividers to start you up, you can easily add categories, and information such a wedding budget, invoices from vendors, business cards, etc.

    How To Do It Right

    Okay now, even though your wedding board may resemble something like a Pinterest board at times does not mean that it is one.

    I say that because unlike a Pinterest board, your wedding binder needs to be functional and it also needs to stay updated.

    I would highly suggest getting yourself some proper printables, there are even wedding binder printables that have worksheets for budget, seating arrangements, food, attire and everything in between.

    You will likely add your own things here and there but printables will give you a good framework for everything you will have to build on to put this wedding together.

    As I mentioned it is important to keep your wedding winder updated, so when something changes in the budget or the guest list, print out a new one and mark it with the date to show it’s the updated version.

    And in terms of functionality, add dividers, and color code your system in order to make it easier to access information.

    #4. Get Some Apps

    Look, I 100% vouch for doing a physical wedding planner such as a binder or a book, I find it keeps you on track and I’m not sure why exactly it does that better than apps but that’s just my personal experience.

    Of course, if you happen to be more of an app person there are tons of apps that just make planning a wedding a whole lot easier.

    How To Do It Right

    Even if you aren’t an app person there are some seriously cool apps you should definitely employ for your wedding.

    • Evernote – a powerful and efficient note taking application, which you will absolutely need.
    • Some sort of expense tracker, so that you can keep your wedding budget up to date.
    • Honeyfund – an awesome app that allows guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund instead of buying you a gift.
    • The Guest – This is a super incredible app that allows your guests to share the photos they’ve taken at your wedding with you, on the app. How mind-blowing is that?

    #5. A Great Attitude

    Look I get it, it’s so easy to get stressed out by all of the millions of tiny details that you are working so hard to perfect for this wedding.

    Planning a wedding is no joke, it’s not for the faint of heart and it can definitely takes it toll on you if you don’t check yourself.

    This is why it’s so important, especially as the time creeps up on you, to be determined to have a good attitude about planning this wedding.

    Don’t allow setbacks and challenges to spoil this experience for you because believe it or not, you will oneday miss this.

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