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    Top 8 Free Flight Tracking Apps for Travel in 2019

    While we say that we help our readers with all kinds of flight-related aspects, we really take a dig on it. If you are a new reader of our blog, then we recommend you to navigate through our blog sections. All our articles are pandered to solving your travelling related problems. As a travelling, challenges might seem problematic to you, but for us, it’s an opportunity to connect with our readers.

    Stress is a significant concern for a lot of people out there. Some people are afraid to fly in flights, and some are frequently stressed about the booked flight timings and boarding.

    Flight delay is a big issue today. For a massive number of working-class people and business people, this thing indeed becomes stress as they have to manage their time so well.

    According to the latest reports, we get to see that the use of flights is rapidly increasing. Due to the cheap flight rates and increased train tickets, most of the people are preferring flights over trains even for a comparatively smaller journey. Hence, your stress regarding managing your flight timings will always be there. And your reasons for travelling are also very evident!

    To decrease a bit of burden, consider booking your next flight from Faremart which is a user-friendly platform providing commendable services to its users making their air travel experience a better one. One can book the ticket for his favourite airline as it has access to 450+ airlines operating around the world.

    But what is the best way out of it?

    We believe that the best option is to track your flights.

    You should observe one thing that at the time of rushing towards starting your journey, you never remember to track the flights because of the stress that time is so harsh. And somehow you want to get into the plane and start your journey.

    Recently the use of apps has also been increased. For check-ins, be it for Aeromexico web check-in, or US airlines online check-in or Canada airlines check-in online, the use of apps have increased now.

    So do not make your travelling get to be a burden. Let us start using some great apps which can lead you towards the right way of managing your travelling.

    Managing your Travelling through Apps

    When it comes to tracking your flight timing apps, your mind might stick to a particular thought that such apps have some limitations. Or you may think that these apps can only track the flights and nothing else. But thanks to those app developers who made such a great application which can do way more than that. The apps which we are going to list in our article can at least help you with the –

    • Tracking your current flight status.
    • Provide you with the time tables of any specific flights and its current status.
    • Notify you for delays and if it is earlier to its time.
    • Recommend you places to eat for six hours layover and much more.
    • So now this is the time to select any of these best 8 flight tracking apps and install it on your iPhone/iPad/Android.

    Top 8 Free Flight Tracking Apps of 2019

    #1. Flightradar24

    Flightradar 24 makes your mobile radar whenever you turn this App on.

    With Flightrader 24 you can get information like –

    • The Aircraft type.
    • The Speed of the Aircraft.
    • An analysed and estimated time of your flight’s arrival.
    • The real-time of departure.

    As we mentioned, this App if for free! So, by clicking this link provided by us you can simply download this App and start using it.

    #2. The Flight Tracker Pro

    Flight Tracker Pro is kind of a popular name among the flight tracking apps. But this App is not for free. To use the Flight Tracker Pro app, you got to pay around $6 for its subscribed membership. But no doubt a phenomenal application to manage your flights. With the help of this App you can –

    • Instantly track all available flights.
    • Get flight boards information.
    • Get information about the airport.
    • Also, it includes weather reports.
    • In terms of other features, you will be enjoying attributes like –
    • Get notified of the terminal.
    • Gate information and changes.
    • Seating charts.
    • Arrival and departures.
    • The multilingual application includes Eglish, Dutch, German, Korean, French, Italian, and Japanese.

    #3. FlightStats

    It is another best free option. FlightStats comes for free with all loaded features for you. It has different sections with different interfaces, like –

    • Checking Flight Status.
    • Glance at your flights.
    • Track Your Flights.
    • FlightStats gives you the option to search flights by the help of an airport, flight number or by mentioning the route you are going.

    Features of this App includes –

    • Delay indexes.
    • Current weather.
    • Arrival/departure time.
    • Flight movement.
    • Compatible with WatchOS app.

    App in the Air

    If you have ever used any flight radar app, then App in the Air might have been in your app list. It is one of the freest used Apps in case of flight tracking applications.

    App in the Air is absolutely free, and it helps you with the most trusted coverage worldwide. The best advantage of using this App is, your flight status will be delivered to you by SMS. It helps you when you are offline or have forgotten to turn on the connection.

    Also, the App in the Air has more than 1000 airlines integrated to provide you details. To name a few of those airlines, we can enlist –

    • KLM, Ryanair
    • China Eastern
    • Lufthansa
    • LATAM
    • China Southern
    • EasyJet
    • Singapore
    • British Airways etc.


    Flight view is also a free option for all the interested users out there.

    Features like –

    • Flight status of upcoming and real-time flights.
    • Aircraft details.
    • Check gate assignments.
    • Cancelessions.

    MI Flight Tracker Pro

    One of the best App, but a paid one! It costs you around $4 to subscribe with mi Flight Tracker Pro.

    But the benefits you get out of it are fantastic.

    This App has been credited as the number one travel app in more than 65 countries. Hence this is an excellent option to bank upon. It can let you see the flight position on an interactive map. And as usual other features are inbuilt in mi Flight Tracker Pro.


    This App is known for unique customization. Using GateGuru you can customize your travel needs easily.

    Featuring all the necessary flight tracking capabilities, it can let you plan your travel day by day. GateGuru is available for both Android and IOC. And the best part is it is free. It has a vast amount of users too.

    Plane Finder – Flight Tracker

    Plane Finder comes at a subscription cost of around $5. The unique feature of this App is, it represents you the flights moving in the global map. Moreover, it comes with AR, i.e. augmented reality.

    It has all the necessary features and also you will get to identify your plane as it can give you information about 23 different plane makers.

    Note – Please read the Terms and Conditions, before subscribing to any paid flight tracking app. Also, check the Privacy Policy; it will make you assured about the payment gateway and other relevant aspects.

    Try to be cautious while paying for any applications and especially the payment gateway. You would prefer to keep your important credentials safe.

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