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    Top 8 Unhealthy Things People Do Regularly

    Staying healthy and living a good life isn’t easy. We are constantly bombarded with marketing and media, tempting us to do all the things we probably shouldn’t. From diet to lifestyles, we get sucked into the media hype and break our good intentions almost daily.

    When was the last time you broke a diet? Or planned to hit the gym daily, but only wen twice after paying for membership? Life is busy, and you certainly aren’t alone. Healthy stuff can often seem bland.

    However, if you can avoid some of the most common mistakes, then maybe it’ll at least help a bit.

    8 Common Unhealthy Habits

    Here are some of the regular mistakes we all make sometimes:

    #1. Diet Sodas:

    You see it all the time, someone orders an extra large burger, fries and a coke, but then asks for diet cola. If you upsize the mean, eat a massive burger, then the coke isn’t going to make much of a difference, especially as diet drinks have been shown to increase appetite and contain carcinogens.

    #2. Fast Food Salads:

    If you meet friends at a fast food restaurant, then sometime the salad can seem like the healthier choice. However, read the label first! Many fast food salads contain as much fat and calories as the regular meals. The sauces are also high in calories, so be sparing.

    #3. Overdoing Screens:

    This is one that many of us are guilty of. We use computers at work, then return home to play on mobile devices while watching TV. Screens are bad for fitness, mental wellbeing, skeletal issues and a range of health problems. So, try to take a break from screens and get outside.

    #4. FOMO with Emails and Social Media:

    The fear of missing out has people constantly checking their phones and computers for updates. While yes, you could get an important email, this constant checking can make you feel stressed, disappointed, anxious, and disrupts your productivity. If your mental health is deteriorating uncontrollably, seek professional help. You can get your prescription drugs for mental health online at low costs and discounts. Try to set times for checking and stick to them. For most people, 1-3 times a day should be plenty. Social media and email addiction are real problems.

    #5. Avoiding Health Checkups:

    While some are proactive with their health and well-being, many avoid going to the doctor at all costs. If you hate the idea of being tested, consider going to a doctor outside of your area. Alternatively, even for personal issues, there are a range of home testing kits available. Everything from iron levels to STD testing can now be checked at home. While not better than a full checkup by a professional, it is a lot better than no checkup at all.

    #6. Energy Drinks:

    There is a constant pressure to perform and a never ending list of tasks to complete. An increasing number of people around the world use some form of energy drink to get them through their days. Some even drink them daily, or a few a day. In moderation they are fine, but high levels of use can increase the pressure on the heart and cause health issues.

    #7. Too Many Vitamins:

    As we get older, we become more concerned about our vitamin intakes and health. However, taking too many supplements, or eating too much fruit and vegetables can actually cause health problems (in extremes, it can even kill). For most, a single quality multivitamin once a day is enough. If you aren’t sure, check with your doctor.

    #8. Alcohol:

    It is good in moderation, and fun to drink in excess on occasions, but shouldn’t become a routine. If you find yourself drinking every night, or during the days for now reason … consider cutting down, or taking a break.

    Of course, there are more, the list of negative things we humans do to ourselves daily is almost endless. However, changing a few of the above issues could have a positive impact on your health. The key is to recognize it as a bad habit, and change. If you struggle to change, it could be addictions, and so don’t feel embarrassed to seek help … we all need some support sometimes.

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