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    Top Pearl Fashion Trends Fall 2019

    What are the Top Pearl Fashion Trends Fall 2019?

    Pearls, in mythology, stood for wisdom obtained by way of experience. These glistening ornaments stand for refinement and sophistication on the ramp and beyond. These have become a vital part of 2019 fashion trends, and Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld has to be thanked a lot for this. This type of elegant ornament is set to take this year by storm. Know about some of the top pearl fashion trends for Fall 2019 to look forward to.

    Baroque Pearl

    This trend sees a return this year. The signature mark from Ambush, based in Tokyo, is on trend this year. It is big and prominent, and obvious in the 2019 collection. The collection from the brand comprises of a brazen baroque pearl, which starts an entirely new movement in fashion that centers on pearls that are extra-large in size. Also you can find great quality and stylish pearls from Pearl & Clasp.

    Large Retro Earrings

    These are dappled with pearls and studded with gold. This is one more of the gems of brand Chanel that came out first during the 1990s, and has been revamped for the tribute collection of 2018 / 2019. You can find similar types of rings, bracelets and earrings at Ming Yu Wang. Swinging and long pearl earrings happen to be a fashion favorite this year.

    You can wear geometric pearl earrings during the daytime, which come in yellow and white gold, and pearl chandelier styled sexy earrings in the evening. Sexy pearl earrings that sweep the shoulders make you look glamorous like few other jewel accessories can. You may try out the Renaissance earrings of Gucci that come with meticulously designed raindrop-shaped pearls.

    Elegant Chokers

    Another of amazing pearl fashion trends! This Fall, you can find the rock n’ roll leather string choker coming back royally – all dressed up and matured. The collection of Yuna Yang is possibly the best in pearl trend, among the other collections that are presented for spring / summer 2019 at the New York Fashion Week. The gorgeous choker of Yang has the standard leathery and black appearance, and is decorated only by milky white pearl orbs.


    These are a wonderful trend in pearl earrings, which comes from the early years of 20002 and is coming back with a hint of class. Hoops these days are stronger than at any time ever before and even master jewelers like Prabal Gurung and Rodarte have added a few of pearl hoops to their range.

    Today, the classic thin sized hoop has gone bigger and now comprises of lustrous spheres of varied colors and sizes. This makes them the best accessories to compliment casual as well as formal winter dresses.

    Celestial Talismans

    This Fall, top of the line jewelry designers are revisiting pearl fashion trends with talismans, charms and medallions. Pearl talismans can be a fantastic option for most. The pearl has been mixed with African American leather and gold, to create a gorgeous talisman that anybody would like to wear.

    Chanel Pearl

    The pearl necklace of Chanel revisits the history of fashion with this fantastic piece. Although others experiment with pearls in various new and innovative ways, Karl Lagerfeld has chosen to go with the original design of Coco, and has attached soft, shiny and white pearls to collars and headbands. The novelty here is that you can find the Chanel pearl slightly bigger in size now.

    Pastel Pearls

    The last few months have seen the resurgence of pastel colored pearls as part of pearl fashion trends. You can now find freshwater pearls in natural colors like lavender, peach and pink. There are pastel freshwater pearls in multiple strands and available in many colors, with a big silver clasp that is ideal to wear during evening in the summer months.

    Just one strand of peach or pink freshwater pearl can help you rock the beach fashion scene, when coupled with a hot bikini of the same color.

    Multiple Pearl Strands

    Multiple strands of pearls are among the hottest pearl fashion trends today. You can layer on pearls to make yourself look dramatic or demure – the choice is yours, really! These have been wonderful options for a long time. Just think how beautiful you will appear with a cascade of pearl strands that swing over your sweater set or basic black sheath.

    Combine varied pearl lengths and sizes in a wanton fashion while keeping pearls in close colors to have the best impact. Multiple strands of pearls are fantastic choices for evening as well as daytime. These appear best with basic V-necklines or crew necklines.

    If you are slightly adventurous, you might layer them in a flirty way in a shirt or blouse with an unbuttoned neckline. You can go for the multi-string necklaces of Gucci that are complimented by statement brooches.

    Tahitian Pearls

    These are the sole types of natural black pearl, and you can clip on a Tahitian pearl strand to emerge as a fetching tropical beauty that has just come out of a placid blue lagoon. These can transform you into a Polynesian Princess. Such kinds of pearls have different base colors which can be brown, green, gray and black, with lustrous overtones of peacock green, reddish purple (color of eggplant), silver, gold, pink or blue.

    All these rich colors make these pearls as rare and valuable as diamonds in the pearl industry.

    Pearl Bangles

    These have come back too, and are soon to make a grand entry this Fall. Right now, arm jewelries are high on the pearl fashion trends. Pearl bracelets and bangles, both small and big, are now the center of attention.

    Pearl Lariat Necklaces

    These are “open” pearl necklaces which can be worn similar to a scarf. The necklaces are rich and sophisticated, and come in various styles. There are long pearl strands which can be worn as a necktie or even white gold chains that have on end Tahitian pearls. The Move-A-Pearl ™ lariat, known as Pearls-in-Motion, is another major style. So these are not only for Cowgirls; anybody can wear Lariats. Pearl Lariats are a great option to have today.

    Elegant and timeless, pearls have come back to rock the fashion world in 2019. You must try out the pearl fashion trends of Fall 2019.

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