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    Top Trends for Your Pets in 2019

    The American Pet Products Association estimated that for 2018, pet owners would spend about $72.13 billion dollars on their fur babies. This figure includes purchases related to food, vet care, OTC medicine, grooming/boarding, and more. One thing is clear from this and other related stats: owners will spend whatever is necessary to keep their dogs and cats happy and healthy.Each year, companies create new and innovative ways to care for your pets. From technology-based pet care products to holistic remedies, the New Year brings with it exciting new items for pet owners to discover. Want to see what is emerging for pet care in 2019?

    Personalized & convenient nutrition options

    One of the most fundamental aspects of pet care is understanding the nutritional needs of growing puppies, dogs, and cats. For the last decade or so, various pet food brands and veterinarians have provided owners with enhanced feeding guidelines for optimum health. Many pet owners now know of the importance of choosing foods with pure ingredients, and the effects that some foods can have on any allergies that their cat or dog has. For 2019, look for pet nutrition to continue to become more convenient to access, and more personalized. With delivery services and subscription boxes on the rise, as well as a more custom approach to these services, this year should bring new and easier ways to get your dog or cat the food items that are best for his or her individual needs.

    CBD oils for health

    Between 2017 and 2018, spending on pet health supplies was projected to rise. For 2019, this trend will likely continue, as new, all-natural health remedies continue to hit the market. One of the most popular health supplements for pets and their owners is CBD oil. CBD (also known as cannabidiol), is “the 2nd most prevalent cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, and it is emerging as a promising therapy for many illnesses.” Studies have found that the non-psychoactive substance can help dogs who suffer from anxiety, seizures, and the negative effects of cancer treatments. Due to increased availability and awareness of the benefits of the oil, 2019 should be a major year for CBD.

    The increased use of technology for pets

    Advancements in technology for home use have made it even easier to care for your pets. Using your smartphone, you now have the ability to monitor your pets (and the actions of your pet sitter) by video, feed your dog or cat treats, talk to your pet, and schedule a walk for your pet. Since these technologies are now becoming more affordable and accessible, the average pet owner can now use these methods to care for their dogs and cats. The quality of these services and products have also been on the rise, which enhances trust among previously skeptical pet owners.

    While every year brings unique ways to care for your pet, 2019 should be a particularly exciting year. From CBD oil, to custom pet nutrition, to affordable pet care technologies, it has never been easier to ensure that your fur baby has the best care at all times. Begin exploring each of these options for yourself to see which works best for your four-legged friend.

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