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    Why Tour De France Continues to Influence People Year After Year

    The first Tour De France was in 1903, it originated from a rivalry between two French newspapers, Le Velo and L’Auto. The feud erupted from the Dreyfus scandal, the two newspapers had opposite stances when L’auto came up the idea of starting a bike race that would go across all of France and essentially act as a massive promotional campaign.

    However, to everyone’s surprise the Tour De France became a massive success and still a yearly event to this day.

    The Tour De France comprises of 21 different stages through mountainous terrain, however the first Tour only had six different stages, which were all fairly flat although exceptionally log at 400km, which is about double the modern Tour De France.

    Every year thousands more people become active cyclists following the Tour De France , it inspires people to dust off their bikes and see the world in a different way.

    There are many health benefits to cycling, it’s a low impact sport which means it causes less strain and injuries that a lot of other forms of exercise. It’s nice and easy, you can take it at your own pace, if you want to make it herder then you can cycle up steeper hills or peddle faster, but if you want to take it nice and easy on a Sunday afternoon then you can do that too, just make sure you have road bike insurance and off you go.

    Mark Cavendish, who won four stages in the 2021 Tour De France and thirty four over all has said “I’ve seen massive growth in cycling in the UK, not just in people racing bikes, but also people doing it to keep fit, commuting, families going out enjoying themselves.”

    Many people find themselves trying out cycling after feeling inspired by the athletes and by the views that they cycle through and since it’s branched out to includes races in the UK, then it feels much more achievable for many people, unlike a lot of sports that require a lot of specialist equipment and training.

    For British Cycling president Bob Howden, the numbers are further proof that cycling has reached new heights in popularity.

    He said: “The Tour de France coming to this country provided some unforgettable scenes of the great British public taking cycling to their hearts. It was magical to see the inspiration of the Tour with millions of people lining the streets and millions more watching live.

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