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    Travel Antarctica Through an Enjoyable Cruise Experience

    The coldest and driest landmass in the world is Antarctica. It holds 90% of the entire Earth’s ice in an enclosure less than 1.5 times the area of the US. However, the southernmost landmass is much more than a large ice block.

    Located in the southern portion of the world’s Antarctic Circle, Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent in the world. Its size changes throughout the year.

    The extension of sea ice towards the seaboard almost doubles the size of the continent in winter. Nearly everything in the Antarctic is covered by ice, and if you want to see it, you can take cruises to Antarctica.

    What Should You Know about Antarctica?

    One of the world’s most vast and mysterious landscapes lies at the northernmost point of the planet; frozen Antarctica. This icy area extends over 14 million kilometers and is the third biggest island on the globe.

    Here are some interesting facts you must know about Antarctica:

    • While Antarctica is surrounded by ice, it is home to one of the largest mountain ranges in the world, the Gamburtsev Mountains, which extends for over 1200 km. The lowest hills are projected to be approximately 2,800 meters or about one-third the height of the largest mountain in the world: Mount Everest.
    • The Vostok Lake, a freshwater bay submerged under 4 km of frozen water, is another new geographical characteristic under the ice layer. The lake is about the volume of Lake Ontario and is one of over 200 distinct bodies of water found under the ice.
    • Antarctica is home to Mount Erebus, the most southerly active volcano on the globe, and the only recognized “lava lakes,” which, despite its frigid circumstances, maintained liquid magma for eons.

    Why You Must Experience an Antarctic Cruise

    You must try cruises to Antarctica to fully enjoy the beauty of the continent. Here are reasons why you should take a journey on the Antarctic and head towards the South Pole:

    • Snow : You probably didn’t expect it to be the first thing on this list— most individuals in the Antarctic never thought of the polar winter as a “con.” However, there is something about being in a genuinely cold setting that awakens your brain. You will not freeze until you are clothed with the climate, but the cold wind will capture your eye. You will be astonished how rapidly you adapt to temperatures, and will probably believe the Antarctic cold is one of the most exciting aspects of your journey.
    • Thrilling Adventure : Adventure is the very essence of a holiday in the Antarctic. After all, surely, you’re not going to the South Pole to lie down in the sun. Traveling to Antarctica implies kayaking, walking, and explore one of the world’s most intact spots. If you go to this continent, you will never miss an experience.
    • Distance : No one can exaggerate the huge vacuity of the Antarctic land. Only you, your shipmates and the researchers and long-term visitors are in some colonies while you move to Antarctica. You’re not even somewhere individuals used to stay.

    Whether you’re a laid-back enthusiast or in the hope of becoming the next great nature photojournalist on the planet, Antarctica is a life-long opportunity.

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