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    6 Reasons You Want To Travel To Mexico With Your Kids

    When you think of vacationing in Mexico, you might only think of massive parties for spring break. The truth is,this vast country has a lot to offer families too, so if you’re looking for a place to visit with your family and kids, America’s southern neighbor is well worth a look.

    Keep reading this article to discover 6 reasons why you should vacation with your kids in Mexico!

    #1. Not A Long Flight:

    Most of Mexico is within just a few hours flight time of nearly all of the continental United States, which means you won’t be on the plane long. Even southern destinations like the Yucatan peninsula might only mean two to four hours in the air. Also, given how Mexico lines up with the United States geographically, you’re not going to face a major shift of too many time zones either, so jet lag shouldn’t really be an issue for anyone in the family.

    #2. Make The Most Of Your Money:

    Many places in Mexico welcome the American dollar, and of course, if you just swipe plastic cards, you won’t have to worry about cash conversion. Still, if you do exchange dollars for local currency, you’ll still be shocked at how much farther money goes here. No matter how you pay, you can get a lot more bang for the buck than you might vacationing in the States. This is even truer if you stay in one of Mexico’s many famous all-inclusive resorts where lodging, meals, and entertainment are all covered in one price. As much as you love your kids, you know they’re not going to help pay for the vacation, so anything you can do to make your money stretch further is going to add up.

    #3. Let Them Practice Their Spanish:

    Foreign languages are an increasingly important part of a child’s education in school, and Spanish is being taught at younger and younger ages. While English is widely spoken in tourist and vacation areas of Mexico, it’s still a foreign country. The opportunity for your children to experience a different culture and practice some of what they’ve learned in school can go a long way to reinforcing the practical aspects of their classroom education. For that matter, depending on what parts of Mexico you visit, your kids might get to explore Aztec and Mayan ruins as well.

    #4. Beaches, Beaches, And More Beaches:

    Mexico has some beaches that are considered the most beautiful in the world. It also has a lot of beaches! There are thousands of miles of coast bordering the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean,and of course the majestic Pacific Ocean. If you visit Baja California, then you’re on a peninsula with beaches on both sides! Not only are the beaches abundant, but so is the sunlight, as Mexico tends to be a vibrant and warm country most of the time.

    #5. Mexican Cuisine:

    Mexico has a very wide gastronomy,and many of the ingredients used can only be found here. From traditional hot chocolate to tacos and guacamole, your kids are going to have quite a few options to pick from. Kids can be picky eaters from time to time, but there’s simply too much on the menus here for them to not find something they love.Your own taste buds are going to be covered quite well too.

    #6. A Friendly Culture:

    One of Mexico’s most distinguished features is that as a nation, the population tends to be friendly and warm.Tourism-oriented destinations don’t just believe in customer service, but being nice and kind to everyone, regardless of whether or not they’re spending money.If you need help with anything from directions to your luggage, you just have to stop and ask someone, which means you’ll be in a place where you know you can get your kids taken care of well, as well as yourself and any other adults in the group.

    One thing to keep in mind about traveling with your kids, though, is that you’re more than likely only going to be able to vacation with them when they’re out of school…which means everyone else might be out of school too. This could make Mexico advantageous though, if everyone else you know is staying home in the United States for domestic travel. Still, it might be useful to enlist the services of a travel agent in order to arrange your Mexico holiday in parts of the country that aren’t necessarily slammed at the time. The farther you can book in advance, of course, the better.

    The flip side is that while a travel agent can be very helpful, that assistance usually has a price tag. You have to ask yourself if the simplicity, convenience, and possible cost-savings they offer in terms of the vacation are worth the commission and fees that they might charge. The Internet has made it quite easy to arrange everything yourself with just a few mouse clicks. If you go for  villa rental, you might just need one reservation from EnjoyMexico and plane tickets, and the resort would likely have an airport shuttle waiting for you if you need it. Other digital tools can also help. For example, your location plays a big role in determining the prices you are given on travel sites in “dynamic pricing” schemes. You can connect to tools like a VPN to hide your actual IP address, allowing you to experiment with different locations and seeing which (virtual) location to purchase from where prices are lowest.

    Mexico is always going to be there waiting for those that wish to visit. The Mayan and Aztec monuments still standing tell you that this timeless place has been around a long time and will continue to do so. However, your kids won’t be in your life forever, so cherish the time you have with them while you have them around. Consider a trip to this friendly and sunny nation for a vacation with them. It’s a chance to get out of the country without flying too far or having to cross many time zones, if any.

    Your money will possibly go farther than it does back home. There are thousands of miles of beautiful beaches surrounded by warm and friendly locals, and your kids can get the chance to learn history and practice a language they learn in school. On top of all that, everyone gets to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine.

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