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    5 Reason Why Travelling With Friends is Better Than Travelling Solo

    There is nothing wrong with traveling solo; it can be a rewarding and liberating experience. However, there are many perks to traveling with friends. The following reasons are what make traveling with friends, better than traveling solo.

    You won’t have to make memories alone

    Making memories are one of the reasons we go traveling. When you travel solo, you miss out on the aspect of sharing the places you’ve seen. A stunning sunset shared, or that moment you got lost on a mountain road, these are memories of a lifetime and what better way to make these than with friends?

    You can share your expenses

    Traveling with friends’ costs far less than traveling solo. As a group, you can share the expenses in organizing your trip and in buying essentials as you travel. For example, if you are traveling with friends in a camper van, you could club together to join a discount RV club. Parked in Paradise offer fantastic discounts and van product recommendations, which will save you a ton of money.

    There’s safety in numbers

    An essential aspect to consider when traveling is your safety. Traveling with friends makes it much easier to stay safe than traveling solo. As a group, you have the protection of each other should anything happen. You also have support if you are unwell or injure yourself. Being part of a group can also help you to relax, knowing that you are sharing the responsibility for the safety of the group with trusted friends.

    You can make new friends together

    As a solo traveller, it’s hard to make friends with other travelers for fear of looking needy or intruding on their space. It is also anxiety provoking, to walk up to a group as an individual and introduce yourself. When you are part of a group, there is less pressure on either side or on having to make an impression. It is also easier to attend local events or parties with a group than it is as a solo person, so being with friends gives you access to more experiences.

    You can take photos of each other

    One of the best things about traveling is having pictures of yourself in beautiful places. Photos are lovely to keep as memories and share with others. However, it is challenging to do this as a solo traveler. You either have to suffer the embarrassment of using a selfie stick or asking a stranger to take your picture. You could, of course, put your phone camera onto timer mode, run into the shot and hope a passer-by doesn’t steal your phone. However, having a group of friends to take your picture is much safer, and they will likely take much better pictures of you!

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