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    5 Unique Places To Travel This Year

    Traveling is a great way to explore the world. It lets you learn more about others and yourself. While traveling to popular tourist destinations is nice, visiting unique places allows you to learn more and experience new things. For example, you could visit a lesser-known beach in Mexico and bathe in the delicious sea. Or, if you live in Toronto, you can take a trip to Egypt from Canada and submerge yourself in rich Egyptian culture. Unique travel destinations are perfect for experienced travelers and those new to traveling. These types of destinations offer something different and out of the ordinary, making them the best options if you want to go somewhere new.


    There are many places in Alaska that are unique travel destinations. Throughout the state, there are stunning natural and manmade wonders for people to see. Juneau has several unique tourist destinations including ice caves and an upside-down glacier forest. Alaska is also home to the largest national park in the United States. This park has some of the largest mountains and largest mammals in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Life in Alaska is not easy either. If you want to further your unique Alaskan experience stop in at a local bar. Mingling with the locals will help you appreciate the unique lifestyle of Alaskans and why Alaska is called the last frontier.


    From the Great Wall of China to the giant bamboo forests, there are hundreds of unique things to do in this huge country. China is one of the world’s largest countries and therefore is extremely diverse. China has an incredible history and you can see it in all of the unique architecture. Visiting ancient cities, you can see how the Chinese grew as a civilization and became who they are today.

    China is also home to many unique landmarks. The largest Buddha statue is found carved into a mountainside in China. In addition, there are many common foods in China that Westerners would call unique. If you want to try something completely different, traveling to China might be perfect for you.


    While traveling to Mexico may seem normal, in reality, there are many unique things most tourists don’t know about. Mexico has beaches, cities, and forests throughout the country. In one of the forests, an Englishman actually built a fantasy world. This world includes things like staircases to nowhere and houses with odd-shaped roofs.

    There are also ancient ruins in Mexico and farms, unlike anything you’ve seen in other countries. Being able to go from the beach to the forest to the city is unique among many countries. Especially countries as large and populated as Mexico.

    New Zealand

    A unique travel destination is New Zealand. Many people travel to Australia, but few venture over to New Zealand. A beautiful country, known for its amazing greenery and natural beauty, New Zealand has some of the most unique things in the world. The animals alone are completely unique and some can only be found in New Zealand. The kiwi is a New Zealand bird and is only found on that island.

    It is an adorable, round, small bird and must be seen to be believed. New Zealand is also home to “The Lord of The Rings” set. This is the only place in the world you can go and see the Shire and be part of the magic of Tolkien’s books.


    Finally, while the Bahamas might seem like a typical vacation destination, there are many unique things you can do. There are amazing beaches, food, and wildlife however, that’s not all. The Bahamas are home to the deepest blue hole in the world. A blue hole is a hole that goes below sea level. These holes can contain many different types of water, including fresh or saltwater. However, blue holes are very uncommon. The one found in the Bahamas is 600 feet deep. If you love the ocean, you have to visit the Bahamas.

    There are unique places throughout the world. All you have to do is look for something different, interesting, and special. If you have a hard time locating unique places when you travel, try asking the locals. Local people always know the most interesting places to visit.

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