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    What To Know Before Undergoing Utica NY Laser Hair Removal

    Are you tired of shaving every so often to feel beautiful? Dreading the day to have another plucking or waxing session? Do you want to try other options, but afraid of the costs and the underlying consequences?

    Laser hair removal is one of those very viable options if you want a virtually painless and long-lasting flawless complexion. It is also safe and cost-effective.

    If you don’t want to experience any suffering while undergoing epilation, this website might help you get exactly just that. However, to demystify the issues concerning laser hair removal, here are some facts that you need to know before trying this service, especially if you’re from Utica, New York.

    Is it Painful?

    Imagine having your body hair getting pulled from your skin. One strand is enough to solicit a shriek. How much more when plenty of hairs were hauled at once?

    When you’re imagining undergoing something similar to waxing, your fear has merit. But laser hair removal doesn’t work that way. In fact, you may barely feel any pain in some less sensitive areas.

    Here’s the guarantee: you won’t feel half the pain you experienced with waxing. It can range from painless to mild discomfort in thicker areas of the face like the chin and the sideburns, some parts of the arms, and stomach. For the rest of the body, it may hurt a little but not too much to make you walk away.

    Will It Take So Much of Your Time?

    Unlike waxing that could take around 15 minutes to an hour, it would usually take just about 10 minutes per session of laser hair removal. It’s even faster than waiting for an order of your favorite coffee drink.

    This is, of course, based on the hair density, especially in males. It can also be dependent on the type of laser being used, as some may take longer than the others.

    You may usually have to prepare for about two months prior to the laser treatment.

    Is it Expensive?

    If you will take it at face value, yes, laser hair removal is way more expensive compared to waxing or any other hair removal treatment. However, if you consider different factors, you’ll realize that it’s reasonably priced.

    First, consider the technology behind the service. Selective photothermolysis or SPTL is being applied in this process, specifically when using Diode lasers. This targets specific chromophores without damaging the surrounding areas of the skin. Other laser types include Alexandrite, Ruby, IPL, and Nd:YAG.

    Second, it would usually take 5 to 10 sessions to complete the process, depending on the target area. So, this means, you are not just paying for a one-time service but a total service package.

    Third, it’s basically painless. How many people would pay a fortune not to feel anything during surgery, right? It’s the same principle when it comes to beauty treatment.

    Last but not the least, the permanent result. Since you won’t be doing this again for some time because of the long-lasting effect, it makes the price more worth it.

    Does It Have Standard Result?

    Just like any other service, results differ per individual. The permanency that this treatment claims is not about the hair not returning ever. It’s about how long it won’t regrow.

    You also need to know that besides your hair type, your skin tone would also be a factor in the results. With this, if you are too pale (in the case of blondes) or too dark (in the case of African Americans), this treatment may not work well.

    If and when it comes back eventually, the strands would be lighter in color and definitely thinner that they won’t be even noticeable. You won’t likely need another laser treatment in this case.

    Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

    Your service provider would most likely give you instructions on how to take care of the treated skin. Because your skin and pores have been exposed to treatment, you might have to avoid some of the following:

    • Exposure to sunlight
    • Deodorant
    • Strong lotion
    • Perfumes
    • Swimming pools
    • Saunas
    • Detergent

    For more appropriate skincare products to use during the healing process, you can just pay a visit to your dermatologist. You may typically be recommended with sunscreen if going out is necessary.

    If you have other health issues and are taking medications, you might have to consult your general physician first. This is in case you need to either stop taking them or you need to delay the laser sessions until you complete the medical treatment.

    This is because some medicines may get in the way of the laser treatment by affecting its efficacy as some drugs are photosensitive. Something has to give way in this case.


    It’s understandable to be excited about trying a new beauty treatment involving the latest technology. After all, coming from Utica, which is a part of the very progressive state of New York, nothing short of being excellent is expected.

    But nothing eases your mind than knowing that this procedure has been tested safe and effective even after it was widely commercialized. If you need any additional safety net, choosing a reputable service provider that has vast experience and can guarantee excellent results never hurts.

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