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    Want to Have a Glamorous Skin at 40? Try These Skincare Treatments

    We start losing our smooth and wrinkle-free skin once we hit the age of 40. The soft skin is replaced by dull and uneven wrinkles that become dominant once the skin starts losing its elasticity.

    While we are all mentally prepared for the change when we get old, it still is a challenging thing to accept. The indicators of aging start appearing at the age of 30, and these include fine lines circling the eyes, poor texture, and increased pigmentation. The symbols become more dominant and pronounced by the time you turn 40.

    As the indicators become more visible, you are left with only two options; the first is to accept it as it is and move on, blaming it all on the time you spent under the sun when you were young. The other option is to make an effort and look after your skin and make sure that it glows as it did during your youth.

    Here are some skincare treatments that you can try to reduce the poor texture of your skin and facilitate the growth of collagen and protein cells in the skin. These treatments will give you a glamorous skin with a great texture.

    Growth Factor Serum

    The first treatment that you can consider is the Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum. The product contains epidermal growth factors that provide you with a clearer and smoother skin.

    This growth factor serum speeds up the process of healthy tissue re-growth and ensures the presence of antioxidants and oils needed for tissue repair. The serum prevents cellular degradation by intensifying the presence of antioxidants and nourishing the skin. Don’t forget to use the growth factor serum after a peeling treatment.

    SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil

    If you are looking to re-energize your skin, the regular face wash will not work. You need to put in something extra to ensure the best treatment possible.

    The SK-II facial treatment cleansing oil is the product you need as it includes a variety of treatments to cure the different aging symptoms appearing on your face. Applying the product to the area that requires treatment will cure the problem within your skin.

    The product is rich in vitamin C antioxidants and it moisturizes the dry skin. The product eliminates all impurities from the surface of the skin, including sunscreen lotions, makeup, pollution, and dirt. Mixing the product with water and applying it on the face allows the user to get rid of all impurities as the solution removes it from the skin.

    The oil-based cleanser provides the user with an effective and delicate wash that can get rid of even the toughest waterproof makeup to keep the skin hydrated.

    Vital C Serum

    Another product that is in demand these days is the Image Vital C which is popular for hydrating the skin and removing all anti-aging factors.

    The soothing serum is designed to work well on all types of skin, and the solution is renowned for supporting collagen and removing the appearance of wrinkles. Using a Vital C Serum protects the user from all kinds of environmental damage and prevents the development of oxidants on the face.

    You will witness the development of visible signs of fatigue and stress on the skin once you hit 40. The product fights these signs with the help of vitamin C that brightens the face and combats the dullness. The potent antioxidant promotes a heath balance of the skin by blending in with the cells and keeping the aging factors at bay.

    You can use the solution and the related products to fight the different factors of aging and dry skin. The serum can also help in the fight against a dehydrated, acne-prone, and sun-damaged skin.

    What Other Ingredients Should You Look For

    Here is a list of some other ingredients that you need to cure the damage to the skin.

    Oral Acne Treatments

    After crossing the age of 40, the fight against acne and face marks intensifies as you have to find a quick solution to the problem. Products that were helpful during your 20s fail when you turn 40 as your skin changes. Using oral medications prescribed by a doctor will help you find a solution to the problem, as the medicines can decrease the levels of testosterone and are helpful.


    This is one treatment that you should not give up during any stage of your life. Regardless of age, using sunscreen still has the same benefits and protects you from the hazards of the sun and the environment. Make sure you apply the solution on your chest, neck, and the back of your hands too.


    It is time to replace the general moisturizer you use with a heavier cream that can match the needs of your skin. Since the skin turns thick when you turn 40, you should look for a solution that can combat the dryness, which is a result of the decreased levels of estrogen.

    Simple products that are designed to help sensitive skin and are fragrance-free should be your go-to choice. Products that include components such as hydraulic acid are the ultimate solution as they include skin hydration that can bind water and ensure the skin looks young and dewy at all times.


    One time use of products for skincare treatments will not affect the health of your skin. It is essential to follow a routine and ensure continuity in the routine. Set up a routine for yourself to follow during the morning before you leave for work or your normal routine and the night before going to bed.

    Following the routine regularly will have positive results on your skin, giving you the vibrant skin that you are looking for and the positive results that you require.

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