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    What Are Some Decent Ways to Make Money on the Internet?

    Making money on the internet these days is not that difficult given how many methods there are. If you are willing to spend some time learning and gaining experience, creating a source of income for the rest of your life is not out of the realm of impossibilities.

    In case you are looking for some suggestions to start your journey of working on the internet, this article should come in handy. Read the rest of it and find out what you can do to make money online. Also, remember that if you don’t succeed at first, try the next method until you land on one that works.

    #1. Sell Custom Merchandise

    Custom merchandise continues to grow in popularity. One of the most recent examples is fabric face masks. Instead of wearing plain masks, some people prefer to brighten their life by wearing custom masks. And that is just a small part of the print on demand industry.

    You can also sell print on demand mugs with no minimum order required to fulfill by picking a reliable supplier and sticking to the drop shipping business model.

    Besides mugs and face masks, you could also consider selling t-shirts. In fact, most POD stores start as a place that sells t-shirts. It is not that surprising when you hear how the custom t-shirt market worldwide is expected to cross 10 billion dollars by 2025.

    You may find it difficult to come up with new designs for your merchandise on a regular basis. If so, then hire a graphic designer and turn the POD store into a joint venture. Having another person take care of the designing part of the business will leave you more time to promote the merchandise.

    #2. Write a Blog

    If you have a way with words and think that others would like your thoughts, blogging could be a solid option for making money online.

    Bloggers who have established themselves are making money from crowdfunding pages, digital product promotions, and affiliate links. Some would say that running ads is also worth it, but the method is outdated because many people use ad blockers, not to mention how some ads slow down a website’s speed.

    Before you commit to blogging, make sure that there would be enough content to publish regularly. Also, if you write about topics you have no interest in just because such articles would make more money, do not be surprised to run out of motivation before your blog picks off.

    #3. Stream on Twitch TV

    Streaming on Twitch TV can be both rewarding and fun. Some streamers make six figures, but they have worked quite hard to reach that point.

    You do not have to aim to be among the top streamers right from the start. Instead, take things slow and build your channel.

    Focus on interacting with an audience to show them that you care and appreciate their support. Respond to questions and organize community games. The more people you involve to participate, the more beneficial it will be for the channel’s health.

    As for monetizing your Twitch TV channel, most streamers rely on viewer donations and subscriptions, though there are other methods worth considering. For example, you could also start a YouTube channel where you post stream highlights.

    #4. Work in Customer Support

    Customer support work may not sound that exciting, but it has its benefits. Besides an opportunity to make money, you should not have that many problems by responding to customer queries on social media, emails, or live chat.

    Businesses are looking to fill in customer support employee slots to have at least one person available 24/7. Failing to respond to a single customer could lead to negative feedback, and every bad review is not a good reflection on the business.

    #5. Create Online Courses

    There is no need to have an educational background to become someone who creates and sells online courses.

    Pick a topic and look for multiple sources on it. Compile the information and publish it as a video series or a series of articles. Platforms like Skill share and Udemy are great for those who like to teach and those who like to learn.

    #6. Become Self-Published Author

    Self-publishing allows aspiring authors to forget about dealing with traditional publishing agencies. Nowadays, you can write a book and publish it directly on Amazon.

    Of course, this freedom creates a competitive market and promoting your e-book could be quite difficult if you lack the budget.

    At the same time, there are plenty of authors who are mediocre writers yet still manage to make a living off of self-publishing. They put effort into marketing and especially book covers.

    If you feel like you could succeed as a book writer, then do not hesitate and try your luck at becoming a self-published author on Amazon.

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