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    What Are Moleskin Trousers

    Moleskin trousers are relatively more popular in sports like hunting, hiking or fishing. These all-weather trousers have leather-like strength and the comfort of cotton material. Their cotton construction makes them breathable and suitable for summers, the tight weave helps retain warmth during winters, and the hefty fabric helps to block the moisture during monsoon.

    But what exactly are moleskin trousers?

    Moleskin trousers are the trousers that are made from a heavy and densely woven cotton fabric. They are known as moleskin trousers because of their soft brush hand fabric, similar to the mole-fur. However, it is important to note that the manufacturing of the moleskin trousers have nothing to do with mole-pelts or animal fur.

    These trousers are commonly termed “moleskins”, and they are popular because of their durability, softness, luxury appeal and suede-like feel.

    Let’s dive a little deeper to understand more about moleskin trousers.

    History of Moleskin

    It is difficult to trace back the exact origin of Moleskin cloth, but they have been known to be used since medieval times. The warmth and durability of this material made it popular amongst steelworkers who used moleskins to make aprons or pants during the 1800s.

    Moleskin cloth displayed great resistance to cold weather, the rainy season and also the summers. That was one of the major reasons behind its extensive usage by farmers and industry laborer’s in the 19th century. Later its use extended from work-wear to casual-wear, and moleskin became a favored material for attires in sports like hunting, fishing and hiking.

    What are Moleskin Trousers Ideal For?

    Since the early ’90s, moleskin attires have been a favored choice in rough industrial and farming activities. The strength and suitability for all weather conditions make them an apt choice in these sectors. Moleskin trousers keep you warm during chilly winters, and during summers, they stay breathable and comfortable. However, today their use has been extended as sportswear.

    Moleskin trousers have also become a popular choice as casual business attire. Their texture and elegant finish make them perfect for any informal occasion. You can wear them with a knit sweater or a sports jacket for a classy appearance. Many also favor moleskin trousers as their weekend outfits.

    Moleskin trousers are ideal for all informal situations since they withstand rough usage in every season. Since they are comfortable and elegant, you can consider using moleskin trousers for formal as well as casual wear. Having moleskins in your wardrobe is considered a sign of luxury.

    What Makes Moleskin Trousers So Durable?

    One of the most important factors that make moleskins so durable is the structure of the material. Moleskin is basically heavy cotton that is made of two layers that are woven together. The sheared and brushed side helps to give moleskin trousers a soft texture. The other layer is then tightly woven into it.

    Other factors that impact its durability are the material of the yarn and the way it is brushed. The weave density determines the fabric’s resistance to the wind, and the condensed woven fiber filters offer thermal protection.

    Tailoring of Moleskin Trousers

    Tailoring the moleskin trousers is a sophisticated task, and one must use specific techniques to get a professional finish. Micro-text sharp needles are required to sew the microfibers. While considering the thread options, synthetic or polyester-coated cotton threads would be the best choice.

    Professionals use zigzag and long stitches so that the fabric does not develop any crease. You can use fusible seam tape for hems to fuse the hem and topstitch using the same thread. Also, if you want to reduce the tangling, then make sure the seam finish is done properly and to reduce the shiny spots, light ironing is done on the wrong side of the trouser.

    Taking Care of Your Moleskin Trousers

    It is very easy to take care of your moleskin trousers. The manufacturers advise dry-cleaning these trousers, but you can wash them inside-out on a gentle cycle in the washing machine since they are durable. You can also line-dry moleskin trousers or use spot-cleaning to help you retain the weaves and texture.

    Like any other clothing attire, moleskin trousers will not last forever. The color might fade over time. However, that gives them a rugged and distinctive look. Since the trousers made from moleskin are not wrinkle-free, you need proper ironing for them.

    Final Thoughts

    Moleskin trousers are made from unique cotton fabric with various uses for their durability and trendy appeal. Apart from their durability and all-weather suitability, the exquisite looks of moleskin trousers have led to their popularity.

    Hopefully, you found the information provided in the article useful and are now ready to update your wardrobe with exquisite moleskin trousers.

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