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    What are the Inclusions and Exclusions of Apollo Munich Health Plans

    Health insurance is one of the best gifts you can give to your family to fight against any critical disease or medical emergency, without having the burden of medical expenses that are increasing unstoppable. Apart from giving you financial protection in an emergency, medical insurance also gives you a better approach to health and related aspects.

    But before you go to buy a health insurance plan, you must be clear about your objectives to buy a certain policy. If not done smartly, you may have to struggle with the claim and treatment expense related issues in the future. Most of the people do take detailed information about the policy they are purchasing, but often fail the most important part and that is exclusion and inclusion of the policy especially, a health insurance policy.

    Although most of the health insurance policies cover almost everything, some policies do not cover certain medical conditions, which are known as policy exclusion.

    Talking about health insurance policy for your family, Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan is a great option that covers your entire family with amazing benefits. Being of the leading health insurance provider Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company has more than 4500 network hospitals across the country and the restoration and stay health benefits of the policy, make it an ideal option for someone who is looking for the best health care facility in a single plan.

    Before you get to know what is covered under the policy, you must be aware of what is not covered in the exclusion of Apollo Munich health insurance:

    Exclusion of Apollo Munich Health Plans Are As Follows:

    • Any person attempting or committing an illegal act, self-injury or suicide will not be covered under any health insurance plan.
    • Hospitalization due to nuclear injury, war, biological weapons or radiation may not be covered at any cost.
    • If the person gets injured due to the involvement in military, naval or air force operation, diving, adventure sports or rock climbing activities, he or she will not be protected against medical treatment expenses.
    • Physical abuse or the consequences of abuse of hallucinogenic or intoxicants are not included.
    • Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS is not covered.
    • Mental disorder, non-allopathy treatment, congenital disease along with person comfort expenses are excluded from any health policy provided by Apollo Munich.
    • Until the waiting period passes, no coverage will be offered
    • Pre-existing diseases are not covered (for up to 3 tears of a waiting period.)
    • Another important thing that must be considered are the deductibles on the policy, you are choosing.
    • Infertility and in vitro fertilization expense.
    • Dental treatments are also eliminated from health plan coverage, as these are supposed to be cosmetic.

    But the best part is that you can trust Apollo Munich Health Insurance for a wide range of coverage benefits and add-ons, which are designed for individuals, families and senior citizens.

    The inclusion of Apollo Munich Health Plans Are As Follows:

    • You can choose from a wide range of sum assured ranging from 1 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs with innumerable benefits.
    • Medical emergencies such as accidental injury, heart problems, critical illness and more are included with the best quality treatment a quickly as possible.
    • Get best-in-class health care service with over 4500 network hospital in India at your services
    • Quick cashless settlement process (Just inform the company before 48 hours of a planned hospitalization or within 24 hours of an emergency hospitalization)
    • With nearly 98% of claim settlement ratio, Apollo Munich offers claim settlement within 15 days.
    • With stay active benefit on Optima Restore and Easy Health Polius, you can get up to 8% of discount on the premium at the time of renewal for the steps you walk in a day. Download the health App, and aim to walk 10000 steps a day to get policy benefits.
    • Claim tax deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
    • Restoration benefit if the sum insured get exhausted during a policy year and the restored sum will be used for new illnesses without any documentation or fee.
    • With every claim-free year, Apollo Munich Health Insurance increases your sum insured by 50% and with every claim-free year, you will get to double the base sum insured.
    • In-patients cover including nursing, room rent, ICU rent and medicines etc.
    • Pre and post hospitalization covered up to a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 180 days.
    • Daily cash allowance and daycare facility.
    • The second opinion in case of critical illness is covered.
    • Emergency Air ambulance expense up to 2.5 lac on the sum insured.
    • Organ donor covered up to a certain limit.
    • The expense of getting treatment at home which otherwise have required emergency hospitalization.

    Exclusions are the assistance that is not included under a health insurance plan. This simply means that one has to bear these expenses from their pocket.

    Therefore, to save yourself from such disagreeable shocks after purchasing a policy, you should read the policy document carefully to assure that you have completely agreed with the inclusions, exclusions, and conditions of the health insurance policy.

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