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    What are the Steps to a Good Facial?

    No one is immune to the ravages of time and aging. If there is one place on the human body that is vulnerable to and representative of showing age, it’s the face. Exposure to the environment, increased stress, and various skin sensitivity conditions can also take their toll on the health and natural aesthetic integrity of the face. That is why many people opt to undergo a facial skin treatment.

    A facial is a variety of skin treatments designed to improve the natural health of the face, make skin look younger, and provide a stress-relieving, attention pampering experience. Over 15 million Americans underwent facial treatments just in 2016. Well over six-out-of-ten people choose a facial treatment over a massage that same year. You can get a facial to improve the skin on your face, or for health reasons.

    Before you opt for a DIY approach, you may be better off making a professional appointment to receive a facial. A cosmetologist is licensed to give facials, but their primary work specialty is hair. A licensed esthetician, someone who specializes in preserving skin beauty, can give you a facial under the referral of a dermatologist or beauty spa. Dual-licensed therapists, who specialize in facials and massages, can perform facials in spa settings.

    So now that you know where to a get a good facial, how do you know that you are getting a good one? Here are some steps to look for if you want to know if you are getting a good facial.

    Consultation and Preparation

    Most people go to a beauty spa or day spa to undergo a facial. The first step is usually a consultation. You may fill out a questionnaire to detail your facial concerns. The facial specialist will need to know your water intake amounts, prescribed medications, and any skin health-related products that you are using. The specialist will then ask you what you are looking to gain from a facial. Professional facials are custom designed for your facial needs and usually last an hour.

    Your hair will be wrapped in a towel or head wrap. The specialist may gently rub a cleansing lotion, cream, or gel on your face and neck to remove makeup. As you lie on a table, moistened pads may be put over your eyes to prep for facial examination. Under a magnifying lamp, the specialist will examine your facial skin. If you have dry, oily, or sunburned skin, acne,blackheads, or any other skin condition, your specialist will recommend a signature facial treatment.

    Steam treatment

    Unless you have extremely sensitive facial skin, a pore-opening steam device will be used to apply vapors of steam to your face. This process softens up blackhead and/or whiteheads on the face and is a basic pretreatment to the facial.


    Another facial pretreatment is the exfoliation process,which usually occurs after the steam treatment. The exfoliation process is designed to gently scrub away dead skin cells on the face. There are mechanical devices that can gently perform this process. Chemical exfoliation is a process where acids and enzymes loosen the bond between the dead skin cells and healthy skin.

    Chemical peels are also a part of this process. Such exfoliant therapies can be singularly performed for your needs, or progressively performed in a series of treatment.

    The Facial

    The facial that you receive will be based on your specialist’s recommendation or your preferences. Or, a facial can be performed for specific stress relieving and skin beautifying purposes. They can diminish age lines, moisturize, boost collagen production in the face, and more. There is no such thing as a uniform, standardized, or one-size fits all facial treatment.

    Source:  Viva Day Spa | Austin, TX | Facials, Peels & Microdermabrasion

    You can get a facial for acne prevention, deep pore cleansing,skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, and anti-aging purposes. There are facials that employ mild electric currents, cold emitting gel packs,acupuncture, and lymphatic drainage. You can get signature fruit acid, gold,vampire, and organic facials. There are too many varieties to count.

    Final Steps After the facial, you should receive a gentle facial massage and a refreshing facial mask. Your specialist will brief you on how to take care of your skin after the facial. You may be advised to undergo a facial once a month or as advised. After you undergo a facial from a professional, you will be better able to judge the steps performed that make it a good one.

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