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    What is Kodi Gel Polish | Properties of Gel Nail Polish

    Most modern women who take care of themselves pay special attention to the beauty and health of their nails. Despite the fact that the appearance of the result of a manicure largely depends on the work of a highly qualified master, it is also necessary to pay the highest attention to the materials for this type of cosmetic procedure, namely gel polish.

    The innovative certified Kodi gel is considered one of the most advanced products in the field of nail beauty, which is applied in a uniform continuous layer and completely eliminates the risk of delamination of the nail plate for a long time.

    What is Kodi Gel Polish?

    Kodi gel is an advanced cosmetic product, which is produced using innovative modern technologies, with the direct participation of a number of major medical institutes and world-famous laboratories.

    The Main Properties of this Gel Nail Polish:

    This manicure gel polish is available for sale in the online store in a wide range, in the form of dozens of different subspecies and color shades described in the catalog, and also has the following important properties:

    • Brilliant colors that will not fade over time, even when exposed to high humidity or prolonged exposure to harsh UV rays.
    • Modern natural and non-toxic synthetic components are selected in accordance with an innovative formula that provides full elasticity and continuity of the gel polish from any appearance of defects, cracks, chips, or delamination, even under the influence of abrasive substances.
    • Gel polish is perfectly applied over any pattern on the nail plate, and completely eliminates the appearance of unwanted relief and roughness, thanks to a special self-leveling composition.
    • Kodi gel was developed by the brand of the same name relatively recently and is one of the most popular products not only among amateurs and ordinary people but also among professors of the highest level who have been practicing the art of manicures for several years.
    • Kodi gel, before being launched into production and mass sale, has passed the necessary laboratory tests, is supplied with certificates of compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements, and the technical characteristics described in the quality certificate fully satisfy the real performance indicators.
    • In addition to the professional line, Kodi Professional also produces simpler manicure formulations that are best suited for home use if a woman does not have the opportunity to use the services of professional nail service.
    • The innovative formula of Kodi gel allows you to apply gel polish not only on artificial nails or on long nail plates, but also on short nails, which is not recommended for almost any other type of similar substance.
    • Despite the innovative formula, Kodi gel polish is applied and hardened in the same way as a standard coating, familiar to almost every manicure master, using an ultraviolet lamp.

    The main difference between Kodi gel is the best match among most competitors with an acceptable retail price, high quality of an environmentally friendly composition, practicality, a wide range of colors, reliability, and durability of the material. The quality of products has already been appreciated by both the owners of beautiful designer nails and professional manicure masters, as evidenced by the huge number of positive reviews on various independent Internet portals.

    Main Advantages of Kodi Gel Polish:

    The Kodi gel polish described above is rapidly gaining popularity among ordinary people and professionals, thanks to the following undeniable advantages of this material for manicure:

    The completely organic composition of materials, without toxic impurities, can cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes or respiratory tract, as well as dermatitis and other skin diseases. In addition to the absence of toxins, Kodi gel is also distinguished by the manufacture of hypoallergenic components, which reduces the risk of developing allergies independent people, which significantly expands the scope of this material for a manicure.

    The universal innovative composition of gel polish is suitable for all types of users’ nails, regardless of their structure, strength, and other biological parameters.

    This gel polish has not only a decorative effect but also a healing effect since the main nutritional component helps to strengthen the nail plate, even in the presence of beriberi and other problems.

    In addition to the healing effect, gel polish has the ability to saturate nail plates with moisturizing ingredients, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin under the nail plate.

    After curing, subject to the technology of applying and caring for unhardened gel polish, Kodi gel forms an inseparable and wear-resistant film with a glossy surface that does not collapse under the influence of most abrasives, from impact loads, and retains the integrity of the material structure and the beauty of nails for a long time.

    Kodi Professional manufactures and supplies manicure products to the market not only gel polish itself but also many other related products in the form of scissors, cutters, knives, tweezers, various attachments for working tools, and other specialized products for professionals.

    A wide range of color shades in free sale, constant replenishment of the company’s catalog with new original shades. All Kodi gel coatings provide durability and color saturation, regardless of the aggressive operating conditions.

    According to the quality passport and actually carried out laboratory tests, this gel polish is characterized by increased resistance to any load, with such nails you can work on a computer, as well as play sports, without the risk of rapid damage to the material and the need to replace it.

    The company provides convenient logistics to most countries of the world. It cooperates with many offline or online retailers, and also guarantees full technical and advisory support through its own professional call center via a multi-channel telephone line, or through the feedback form on the site, as well as through the online store portal.

    Regardless of the benefits of Kodi-Gel described above, users should understand that the application of this substance to the platinum nail requires careful preparation of the surface, as well as the use of various accompanying products to nourish the nail and prevent it from weakening under the influence of gel polish.

    This is due to the fact that any intervention in the natural development of nail platinum does not always have a beneficial effect on its health, and decorative products should always be combined with restorative drugs.

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