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    What Makes Your car safer in 2020?

    We are living in a world where many people envy each other for the car they are driving. Much of this envy stay at that particular level. Other people cannot overpass that fact and want to try to steal that car from the road.

    Burglars used to have special knowledge on the car brain kit and could interfere with its function and steal your car in a matter of minutes. Since there is no way to prevent theft, you can always place a tracking device to a place where burglars could never imagine it could happen.

    GEOTED has been a specialized company that gives you the chance to sleep comfortably at nights when you have parked your car on the city streets. It has produced the most sensitive transmitters of geolocation for your car. They are all using a special low voltage system of energy consumption so that they are not detected by any sophisticated system that thieves have probably thought about using.

    What is the inherent power of GEOTED that makes your car unbreakable and traceable from any receiving device? Do you think that the GEOTED system can scare thieves that are determined to steal your car at all cost? What is the real cost of acquiring this security system for your car and where could you safely install it?

    All these questions are going to be answered in this short review where most of the people are finding their best advice on how to make their cars a safe place and a nightmare for the potential thieves.

    GEOTED knows better: Burglars have no option but fail!

    If you check on the GEOTED site you can find useful information about the modern technology used on protecting your mobile property. GEOTED has invented the almost zero energy consumption transmitters that only have one printed circuit on them. It is accompanied by a highly sophisticated battery that cannot be replaced and is good for at least 30,000 hours, that may exceed the average life cycle of cars in America.

    The world satellite program that GEOTED transmitters have been registered to makes sure that you are always a step ahead of all potential thieves. This system can track the smallest movement of your car with the sensitivity of inches. Not to mention, that you are always welcome to register your vehicle to a special platform that is connected with all the law enforcement agencies around the world.

    GEOTED has a strong connection with these satellites. Even though burglars are trying to place your car in deeper spots on earth, their efforts are determined to become fruitless. This happens because the transmitters can emit a slight signal that uses any metal object or wire close to the vehicle. Even the cell phone of the burglars can make it establish a secure connection to the satellite. Unless the car is not placed in a concrete block room where no metal part is available, there is no other way to hide the car from the view of the orbital satellites.

    Why is sensitivity more intense in GEOTED than other systems?

    The systems of geolocation suffer from constant false alarms. These incidents are hurting the reliability of all the systems, especially when they occur in small and recent time frames.

    GEOTED system, on the contrary, has special barriers, so that there is no chance it triggers a false alarm through the night. The removal of the car from the permanent parking spot can trigger a silent alarm to the internal system of the car.

    However, this is not registered to the central authorities until the removal reaches the 100 feet distance. All people that are searching their car should be able to find it in a 100 feet radius. Otherwise, there is no reason to contact the law enforcement authorities and use the valuable resources that could otherwise be used in a real incident of crime.

    Sensitivity has also to do with the type of theft you are dealing with. Many burglars are using tractors and other vehicles to transport your car to their premises and parking lots. Soon after this happens they are ready to slip apart the various parts of your car and sell them to interested people across the world.

    This is not likely to happen to cars that are equipped with the GEOTED system. This one is registering all the various body parts and engine parts and can say through a special silent sequence alarm that the car is getting disassembled in a special place where you can find through the google maps of other locating applications.

    Many times in the past, Police officers have used traces from the GEOTED system to find a car that has started to get disassembled in an unlawful place inside the industrial area of a major American city. It has been shown to the general public, that cars which own the GEOTED system are very hard to steal and break down. It only takes a couple of hours to trained personnel to find your car and lead you to the source where people are trying to make a profit from your own mobile property.


    Many times have we said in the past that the security of your car doesn’t combine with anything else. That is why people today are more likely to pay a higher monthly fee to get the GEOTED protection against theft.

    GEOTED has been giving them certain guaranteed measures that will offer them the chance to locate their car right after its theft. You are the one to choose among the various packages that they offer. However, even the most affordable plan can involve the Police authorities that are the only responsible to get a warrant from the DA and start searching premises that are spotted from the satellite.

    Make sure you are always placing the tracking device to an inner part of the engine. You will feel more secure and less stressed.

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