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    What research says to Use Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits?

    The environment we wake up to on a daily basis impacts the entire day. If that special cup of coffee gets interrupted by a negative thought, the rest of the week could quickly be thrown off balance. As the energy we come in contact with on a daily basis is crucial, it is important to choose what we surround ourselves with. While it might be hard to accept or believe, each object has its unique energy.

    Just as a negatively charged atom has the power to absorb negativity and attract positivity, the Himalayan Salt Lamps  though one of the oldest lighting items in our day, emits an abundance of positive energy. The ambience, soothing feel, and calmness of a campfire are unique, making for a relaxed outdoor adventure. The Himalayan salt lamp offers similar feel and ambience indoors.

    What is the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

    Himalayan salt lamps are large pieces of beautifully handcrafted rocks that typically feature emptiness from within. This hollowness is used for lighting up the lamp in order to generate light and heat. These two elements – the pure surrounding Himalayan salt crystals and the unique emptiness within – are essential as it will be impossible for the lamp to spread its positive energy if it is not lit up. These lamps are made of pure, food grade crystals from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan’s Punjab region. Once the salt is mined, they are either carved into lamps or crushed to powder form to serve as salt in recipes.

    Himalayan Salt Lamp Uses

    In addition to the positive energy it generates, the Himalayan salt lamp uses are extensive. Some of these include:

    Improves Air Quality

    The Himalayan salt lamps have the power to rid the air of contaminating particles like dust, pollen, and cigarette smoke. The lamp is able to achieve this due to its powerful hygroscopic properties. This process involves the absorption and accumulation of water molecules from the air. When the lamp’s heat causes the evaporation of these water molecules, they do so leaving all the dust and contamination in the air behind.

    Instant Positive Impact on the Mood

    The Himalayan lamps, as mentioned above, make for a soothing and relaxing feel at the end of a tiring day. The exudation of negative charges by the lamp releases serotonin – a neurotransmitter which aids relaxation and can help you unwind after a long day. This also means that when your mind is clouded with too many thoughts or when you are unable to concentrate, the Himalayan lamp can help you focus and gain control of your thoughts.

    Soothing for Allergies, Asthma, Coughing

    One of the most important Himalayan salt lamps uses is its ability to get rid of thousands of harmful air particles. People who suffer allergies to certain elements can benefit big time from this as the lamp makes the indoor air feel much more welcoming. In the same vein, those who suffer bronchitis and asthma can benefit from this feature as the lamp not only cleanses the air but can improve their immune system.


    The direct impact of enjoying fresh, breathable air rid of negativities means that you feel more energized, with improved stamina. The more productive you become over time, the better the state of your mental health – and this impacts your daily output levels.

    Improves Sleep

    The effect of positive charges or ions can have is much more encompassing than many of us understand. They not only cause irregular sleep or sleepless nights, but can rob an individual of his/her cheer, making them feel cranky and low. One of the important Himalayan salt lamp uses is that it helps to improve the quality of your sleep, making life easier for you and even those around you.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Himalayan salt lamp uses will not be complete if it isn’t environmentally friendly. A part of nature and estimated to last up to 350 years, the Himalayan salt lamp will definitely offer you the most natural benefits and help to improve your health in the most harmless and natural way possible.

    While we are now sure of Himalayan salt lamp uses, how then do you use it to enjoy its optimum benefits? Here are some important factors that can guide you on how to use Himalayan salt lamp:

    Lamp Size Relative to Indoor Space

    Some users have complained that the salt lamp did not work as expected and they were disappointed. However, as a general rule, the size of your salt lamp should be proportional to the given space. Many users have claimed that the lamp was very effective when they kept one or more of them in their indoor space. If, for instance, you are placing the salt lamp in a small room, the microphone size should work just fine. On the other hand, if you are looking to place it in a large dining space, it would be wise to use a bigger lamp. So before you walk into your glass and mirror shop looking for a salt lamp, its size relative to your indoor space should be a priority.


    The illumination of your salt lamp is another important factor to consider ensuring you get the best of its benefits. A 5kg to 7kg salt lamp, for instance, can cover a radius of 4-5 meters, providing sufficient lighting for the space. This lamp size is also great for pets or any areas of the house with strong odors. Thus, you need to ensure optimum lamp size for your indoor space.


    Wondering how to use the Himalayan salt lamp to get the best of its benefits? Himalayan salt lamps do not require a kind of special maintenance. The antistatic nature of the salt lamps helps to prevent dust and dirt from depositing on them. Wipe the bulb surface with a soft, dry cloth. While it is important to occasionally wipe the bulb surface clean, you must also protect the lamp from getting in contact with water as this will dissolve the salt. The salt lamp lights should be on 24 hours a day on a hot summer day.

    Himalayan salt lamps are an incredibly beautiful light source that has a wide range of uses. With its hygroscopic properties, the lamp is able to clean the air and alleviate allergies – and they are an affordable no-blue light source, a sleep-friendly aid, and great addition to the indoor space at night for kids.

    In the long run, however, even if you are sure of Himalayan salt lamp uses and how to use Himalayan salt lamps, they are no magical additions that will ensure drastic fixes of your air quality or health problems. Still, they are an eco-friendly light source that produces a beautiful, healthy light spectrum for your indoor space.

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