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    What to Wear at a Pride Festival

    Pride month provides a time for the LGBTQ+ community to commemorate their past, honor those who have stood up for LGBTQ+ rights and celebrate progress towards love and equality.

    It’s also an exciting time full of parades and parties! However, deciding between all the possible Pride outfits for these events can feel like chasing after a unicorn. First, you’ll have to figure out whether you want to go Avant Garde or understated. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with either. It can a bit overwhelming to piece together the rest of your outfit, but the following will breakdown the process into manageable parts.

    Everything is in the Details

    Clothes are usually the most important component of an outfit, but at Pride festivals your accessories are equally necessary. Being fabulous is a cornerstone of LGBTQ+ culture and it’s the extra details which really elevate your look to its maximum potential.

    AccessoriesStatement jewelry gives any outfit a whimsical charm. For a bold ensemble, dangle oversized baubles from your ears, stack up technicolor bracelets, and slip on a vibrant choker. Hats and sunglasses are also fantastic accessories. Not only do they come in countless quirky styles, they also provide protection from the bright sun.

    Shoes—You will need supportive shoes if you want to make it through the entire day with your feet in one piece. High heels and cheap sandals won’t stand a chance against all the marching and dancing that takes place at Pride festivals. Shoes with rainbow details, such as white sneakers or canvas shoes, satisfy both form and function, and you can pair them with sneaker tees to complete the look. If you’re determined to strut in stilettos or platform heels, do not forget to bring your back-up flats for when your feet need a break.

    Bags— Water bottles, sunscreen, and snacks are just a few of the things you should have on hand during Pride festivals but you’ll need your hands free for all the waving and clapping you’ll be doing. There is also a plethora of freebies up for grabs so a small purse won’t be sufficient.

    Pack all your things into a decent-sized tote bag, crossbody, or backpack. A faux leather bag in a neutral color is stylish and won’t clash with any piece of your outfit. However, you can also opt for a bright rainbow bag to display your Pride spirit.

    Hair—Styling your hair for Pride festivals is underrated but can make a huge difference. Adding temporary color and glitter to your hair can make you feel like a magical being. If your hair is too dark for temporary color to show up vividly, pop on a wig. You can also decorate your hair with flower crowns and headbands.

    Makeup—If you have eyeshadow palettes full of untouched colors, this is the time to change that. There are many tutorials online that step you through how to achieve the iconic rainbow eyeshadow look. It’s definitely a tricky look to nail so don’t be discouraged if it takes you a couple practice runs. If your hand-eye coordination isn’t up for the makeup challenge, you can always order Pride-inspired temporary tattoos.

    temporary tattoos

    Loud and Proud Look

    Pride festivals are one of the few places where it’s encouraged to adorn your body with glamourous attire that matches your beauty within. Take this opportunity to let your rainbow flag fly high and let your expression run free. In other words, work that technicolor dress, embellish your body with rhinestones and glitter, and model those metallic platform ankle boots. Wear whatever your heart desires; the only limit here is your imagination. The potential for Pride outfits is limitless.

    Minimalist and Marvelous

    While the dress code of Pride festivals seems to be centered around bright rainbows and eccentric styles, you by no means must conform. It can be exciting to dress up in ways that would be outlandish for everyday wear but you won’t be alone if you come in your favorite plain tee. It is perfectly acceptable if the only Pride-themed item you wear is a rainbow heart enamel pin.

    Express Yourself

    Don’t stress too much about your style. Remember that you’ll be surrounded by accepting individuals in a judgment-free zone. A main focus of Pride is feeling comfortable in your own skin and expressing your true self. Ultimately, whatever you wear, whether it be to a Pride festival or a grocery store—should be something you feel authentic and joyous in. Happy Pride!

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